The Software that Tells the Whole Truth about All Things Financial

Demonstrate how money and wealth REALLY work.

Truth Concepts™ enables you to educate your clients on strategic investment choices:

“Should we purchase with cash or finance major purchases?”

“What effect will fees and taxes have on wealth-building?”

“Which mortgage will help us build more long-term wealth?”

“Is this rental house worth purchasing?”

“What’s more important: reducing taxes, debt, and other expenses, or earning a higher rate of return?”

“How can we help our children with college without sabotaging ourselves?”

“What kind of life insurance makes the most sense for us?”

Advisors, agents, and other finance professionals use Truth Concepts™ to:

Consult and Compare

Provide personalized answers to client questions and concerns by comparing any strategy, investment, mortgage or other financial vehicle. With Truth Concepts, you’re a trusted advisor, not a salesperson.

Communicate and Educate

Invite interactive discussions with our comprehensive calculators. Show key concepts such as opportunity costs, funding strategies, true qualified plan returns, the benefits of diversifying with life insurance, and much more.

Build Trust with Total Transparency

Although the software is designed for financial professionals, anyone can purchase Truth Concepts™, attend a Truth Training, or take an online class to learn how to use Truth Concepts™ software.



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