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Truth Concepts: Telling the Whole Truth about Money

Truth Concepts™ was developed to do two things:

  1. Help clients understand the "whole truth" about their financial choices.
    Forget the spin, the sale, and what the latest financial magazine is pushing. Truth Concepts™ pulls back the curtain and tells it like it is.
  2. Help advisors and agents grow their businesses effectively through serving clients better.
    We have helped hundreds of advisors and agents differentiate themselves and take their business to a whole new level.

Truth Concepts™ in a Nutshell:

What is Truth Concepts™?

Truth Concepts™ is desktop software that analyzes the impact of various financial choices. It includes over 20 multi-faceted functions - a suite of a sixteen calculators additional tools and tables of historical information (such as tax rates.) Truth Concepts™ lets you evaluate the effectiveness of limitless financial options.

How is Truth Concepts™ used?

Financial professionals use it to educate and empower their clients with complete transparency. Truth Concepts™ can be used to answer questions, compare strategies, consult, analyze, troubleshoot, and shift paradigms. Find out more about the calculators and their functions here.

How does it work?

Truth Concepts™ measures how various actions (such as saving, spending, insuring, investing, borrowing, taxation, etc.) will affect an investor's cash flow, net worth, and much more. By entering specifics of a client's financial situation, you can calculate future results based on current facts and conditions.

Who uses Truth Concepts™?

Currently utilized by hundreds of financial advisors and insurance agents, Truth Concepts™ is also gaining popularity among real estate professionals, accounting professionals, and even individual investors.

What is the history of Truth Concepts™?

Founded by Todd Langford and Norman Baker, Truth Concepts™ began development in 2007 and was released on the market in 2008. Updates such as new calculators and increased functionality have been rolled out periodically, and a Truth Concepts Android "app" is now available.

Todd Langford - The Truth Teller behind the Software

Truth Concepts™ CEO and developer Todd Langford has been on the forefront of financial software development and training for over 25 years. Considered by many to be industry expert and "go to guy" for financial software, Todd has trained thousands of professionals to use financial software effectively.

Todd has been "Telling the Truth" and shifting paradigms about all things financial since 1986 when his first financial calculators caused him to have his own paradigm shift. A computer tech at the time, Todd had been hired by Norman Baker, a successful financial advisor, to develop calculators that would prove/disprove the validity of certain financial strategies.

Convinced that advisors were leading clients down the wrong path with certain financial strategies, Todd and Norman set out to prove the truth... with calculators.

Numbers Don't Lie

The unexpected result? The mathematical Truth actually PROVED the very strategies they had questioned! Additionally, the calculators gave them a reliable way to compare strategies and test the soundness of ANY financial choice. And as Todd discovered, popular financial wisdom (even if it seems logical) isn't always right.

What do you do when you encounter facts that contradict your beliefs? For Todd, it was a no-brainer. He became an advocate of effective financial strategies, regardless of their popularity with Wall Street firms, the media, or investment gurus-of-the-moment.

To be sure, Todd has encountered strong opposition to his point of view at times. And while many of these financial people had more than 30 years of experience and training in financial planning, Todd had something they lacked - PROOF! His calculators proved definitively whether a strategy was viable or not. Seeing the truth in black and white literally shifted the paradigm of these financial experts.

Beyond the Numbers

After years of developing financial software and training thousands of agents to use it, Langford temporarily left programming to focus his efforts on the people side of the business, working directly with clients as a financial advisor. This was a particularly influential time, as it put Todd in the shoes of a software user, rather than developer. It was during this period that Todd developed the stories, examples, and conversations that would eventually be integrated into Truth Training™

Working directly with clients also enabled Todd to encounter limitations of existing financial software, and conceive possibilities for a new suite of calculators. Diving back into programming and development, Todd labored for many months to create the definitive solution.

The result? Truth Concepts™ was born.

Partnering once again with Norman Baker to release Truth Concepts™ software, it quickly acquired raving fans amongst savvy financial professionals. Since Norman's passing in 2010, Todd continues to develop and improve Truth Concepts™ and Truth Training™, helping an ever-widening circle of like-minded professionals "Tell the Whole Truth about Money."

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