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Cash Flow

Average Does Not Equal Actual

Average Rates of Return are often touted by financial experts, and yet simple math can show us that Average does not equal Actual. Pretend that you invested $100,000 into a mutual fund that had promised an average rate of return of 25% if you left the money alone for 2 years. In the first year it earned 100%. After the first year, the investment would look like this: In the s… Continue Reading

How Can We Prove a 15% Flat Tax is the Most Efficient?

Let’s use a Cash Flow Calculator from to tell the whole truth about what happens to an account when it gets taxed. We’ll put in $20 in 1913, the year the tax system started. We’ll show the account earning 20% per year. We can see below that the account has $798,784,476 (that’s $798 million) in it.   This assumes no taxes or management fees weContinue Reading

How to Calculate the Lost Opportunity Cost of the Typical way to Educate Kids.

How to Calculate the Lost Opportunity Cost of the Typical way to Educate Kids. A college education that cost $30,000 per year in today’s dollars with a  6% inflation for a 4 and a 6 year old will remove $2,187,493 from the parents wealth by the time they are 68 years old. How? The actual cost of the school plus the opportunity cost of the money removed from the parents’ es… Continue Reading

Human Life Value And The Fallacy Of “Needs Analysis”

Would you buy a $50,000 car yet only insure it for $30,000 because you only NEEDED a $30,000 car? NO! and yet the life insurance industry does this all the time with people by completing a “needs analysis” to determine how much life insurance you “need”.  YOU don’t “need” any, but you family may.  However, trying to figur… Continue Reading