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How to show different payout timeframes on distribution

How do I show a 50 year period but a 20 year Pay Down so that Distribution 1’s income is still based on Interest Only and Distribution 2’s income could for example, use a death benefit to improve cash flow and spend Interest and Principal but only for 20 years.  If I show a 50 year measurement of money the second person doesn’t run out at age 84, but I want to illustrate 50… Continue Reading

Truth Tip, Distribution

When working with the Distribution Calculator, once you’ve pushed either the “Interest Only” or “PayDown” button, it turns blue (meaning it is on) and puts the correct withdrawal amount in the withdrawal field.  Then, if you make a change to the Earnings Rate, Illustration Period, or Present Value, it will automatically … Continue Reading

Truth Tip on Distribution Calculator

When running a 41 year analysis, say from 65 to 105, yet you want a paydown for only 20 years, se the illustration period to 20, click the paydown button, then click it again (turns it off) then change your illustration period to 40 so you can see the 20 year paydown.  Then, in the Other Net Income section you could add Reverse Mortgage Income or Dividend Income from age 86 to 1… Continue Reading