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Busting the Life Insurance Lies

Busting the Life Insurance Lies
We’re Launching a New Book… and It’s Our Gift! My wife, Kim Butler, and our friend, Jack Burns, have joined forces to write what just may be the definitive book about whole life insurance: Busting the Life Insurance Lies: 38 Myths and Misconceptions that Sabotage Your Wealth. This book is written for every American who’s gotten conflicting a… Continue Reading

The Truth About Whole Life Insurance Rates of Return

The Truth About Whole Life Insurance Rates of Return
“Is Whole Life Insurance a Good Investment?” Perhaps no question has generated as much controversy on financial blogs and forums as this one. “Typical” advisors and the media-hyped financial gurus say, “Stay away from whole life insurance!” Meanwhile, many passionate agents and advisors try in vain to correct the misconce… Continue Reading

Do PUAs Grow Less Efficient Over Time?

Do PUAs Grow Less Efficient Over Time?
Do PUAs Grow Less Efficient Over Time? Should Clients Buy New Policies to Better Utilize PUAs? As you know, in the early months and years of a whole life policy, the PUAs are more efficient than the base premium as far as generating cash value for the policy. While the base premium alone can take years to generate a positive internal rate of return where cash value is concern… Continue Reading

How to tell the whole truth about Direct Recognition.

How to tell the whole truth about Direct Recognition. There are two different methods insurance companies use to handle the loaned cash value — direct recognition and non-direct recognition. In a non-direct recognition company, the earnings rate on cash value is totally unaffected by any loans against cash value. In a direct recognition company, the earnings rat… Continue Reading

Life Insurance Loans, Simple or Compound Interest?

The Whole Truth about Life Insurance Loans, Simple or Compound Interest?   Investopedia explains Compound Interest as “The more frequently interest is added to the principal, the faster the principal grows and the higher the compound interest will be. The frequency at which the interest is compounded is established at the initial stages of securing the loan.”… Continue Reading

Life Insurance Loans, In advance or Arrears?

Life Insurance Loans, In Advance or in Arrears? The Whole Truth   An issue that is often incorrectly talked about as an advantage, is the idea that the insurance company charges a lower interest when interest is paid up front (in advance) versus at the end (in arrears).  The whole truth is that there is a different factor (not a different interest rate) used to calculate… Continue Reading

Life Insurance Loans: Where does the interest go?

Life Insurance Loans:  Where does the interest go?  The Whole Truth:   Life insurance companies charge interest when we borrow their money just like banks and credit unions and other financial institutions do.  Many statements are made in the market place about how we borrow our cash value.  This is incorrect. The whole truth is we borrow against our cash value, o… Continue Reading

How Much Interest Do I Save By Paying My Life Insurance Premium Annually?

How do you calculate the cost of paying a life insurance premium monthly instead of annually?  Get a Rate Calculator from  Put the annual premium in the Present Value as a negative number (which changes it to Loan Balance) since the insurance company is loaning you the annual premium and you pay them back monthly.  Then make the mode “m… Continue Reading

Human Life Value And The Fallacy Of “Needs Analysis”

Would you buy a $50,000 car yet only insure it for $30,000 because you only NEEDED a $30,000 car? NO! and yet the life insurance industry does this all the time with people by completing a “needs analysis” to determine how much life insurance you “need”.  YOU don’t “need” any, but you family may.  However, trying to figur… Continue Reading