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Truth Concepts Testimonials from our Users:

"The best consultative tools I know."

- Rick Bueter, author of The Great Wall Street Retirement Scam

I use TC EVERY DAY - and even though I'm probably the least analytical agent I know, TC allows me to level the playing field with CPA's, MBA's, CFO's, etc, etc. - so much so that I actually have a comfort level with TC-live demo's!"

"My job would be much, much harder without Truth Concepts!"

- Joe Pantozzi, Las Vegas, Nevada

"The borrowing strategy, qualified plan and future requirements calculators are such an easy and honest way to show clients the truth about what is in store for them in the future. They see it with their own eyes and are then ready to move forward, making plans to make their future a place to look forward to instead of fear.

"Thanks, Todd, for your diligent work and effort to produce these tools."

- Tomas McFie, President at Life Benefits, Inc., Salem, OR

"I use 5 of the Truth Concepts calculators every day at work, sometimes live with a client, sometimes just to confirm for myself that what I'm recommending works numerically. My favorites are Max Potential, Auto, Funding, Rate, and Diversification. I also send clients links to specific TC blog posts all the time."

- Kim Butler, Prosperity Economic Advisor, Mt. Enterprise, TX

"Truth Concepts taught me how to be more effective with the concepts which I really believe in..."

- Pete Wright, Birmingham AL

"The maximum potential is my ace presentation when I first meet a prospect to show them how what I do that brings them more certain wealth than hoped for wealth. It piques their interest and moves us to the next meeting, and I've yet to be considered competition with other advisors."

- Tony Myers, Preferred Planning, Brentwood, TN

"We all have other presentation software, but Truth Concepts is desktop friendly and a click away."

- Tony John, Tier 1 Capital, Wilkes-Barre, PA

"I consider my integrity one of my prized possessions. With Truth Concepts, I feel my integrity is always intact."

- Gary Champa, Strategic Wealth Designs, St. Louis, MO


Truth Training Testimonials from our Attendees:

"What a great workshop! I marvel at the fact that each calculator includes so many options to illustrate multiple circumstances. I also appreciate Todd's stories (how to talk to clients) which make the calculators "come alive" for the client, and for me!

"Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge and expertise along with the software. All of this provides great value for all of us, worth much more than our cost of software and attending training sessions."

- Frank Cherniawski, Wealth Management Institute, Michigan

"It's said, "You don't know what you don't know." Well, today I came in here not knowing what I didn't know… and I walked away with some things I can really USE for clients that I had no idea.

"And all of the camaraderie and the questions from the group were absolutely fantastic!".

- Bobby Mattei, R.S. Mattei & Associates, Shreveport, LA

"The Truth Concepts software training (Truth Training) is second to none. Todd is the industry expert."

- Paul Luchau, Denver, CO

"The best thing for me was getting to learn the math behind the software, and learn how Todd (and others) are using it in their practice - the application... not just how to do the calculations."

- Corbin Cowan, Retirement Planning Strategist, Colorado

"Attending TT always encourages me in what I have previously learned, inspires me to expand my capabilities and increase my exposure to a larger audience."

- James Neathery, James Neathery & Associates, Alvarado, TX

"Truth Training™ was eye-opening. I watched as traditional wisdom (such as, "get a 15-year mortgage to save money") was turned upside down once factors such as taxes and opportunity costs were considered. It was a bit like learning the earth wasn't flat.... But when you see the picture of the whole truth, it's hard to deny.

"Anyone with Truth Concepts™ software owes it to themselves (and their clients!) to experience two days of training and aha's from the man who created it. Highly recommended."

- Kate Phillips, Total Wealth Coaching

Video Testimonials about Truth Training:

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More Raves Reviews about Truth Training:

"The best part of the training is more than just the software and what we learn with all the different calculators, it's the people that are here, the connections we make, and the ability to learn from everybody - to get the little pearls of what each person is doing, and implement them into our business."

- Jennifer McTigue, Generational Wealth Partners, Hawaii

"I'm looking forward to coming again and again."

- Joe Casselman, Financial Process Group, Austin, TX

"Every time I come to a training with Todd, it's always mind-expanding!"

- Richard Keal, Generational Wealth Partners, Seattle area

"I am anxious to be able to help clients see possible solutions to their financial concerns - (Truth Training) helped me to realize I can do that.

"I see repeat customers attending again - glad to hear their comments and see how they are using it!"

- Susan Raikes, Retirement Specialist

"Now I know what I didn't even know I needed to know about the business."

- Rick Bueter, author of The Great Wall Street Retirement Scam

"TT gives us added tools to be able to successfully serve clients. I learned how to easily and quickly back up the concepts with numbers that show the benefits. I also had the opportunity to meet with other like-minded professionals that are working on the same issues and solutions."

- Wes Dye, Fort Collins, CO