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The Four-Year Plan

The Growing Cost of College Isn’t Usually This Funny…

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Unfortunately, the four-year “plan” for most college students is to take out a lot of student loans and graduate without a workable strategy for getting OUT of debt (or out of the house!)

This too-true video is hilarious, though it may hit a little too close to home for some…

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Use the Truth Concepts Education Cost calculator to help describe the “whole truth” about education costs and opportunity costs for the parents! You’ll find Todd’s presentation on the true cost of a college education live at Truth Training or in a client-friendly recorded version in our Whole Truth About Money video series.

4 Responses to The Four-Year Plan

    • Thanks Luke, I’ll pass that suggestion along. Todd does do a presentation about the True Cost of a College Education with the cash flow calculator that shows the opportunity cost lost when assets are liquidated for college. (There is a training presentation in and also a client-friendly video called “The Million Dollar Degree” in TC’s

      FYI, Kim and I also wrote in “Financial Planning Has Failed” how Prosperity Economics solutions to college would look very different than a 529 or Coverdell Plan… but it is conceptual, not numerical, and discusses “out of the box” options as well as simply using whole life to save. (You can download a copy of that ebook for free at

      And one more education resource! We published an article by Bryan McCloskey, “5 Questions You Should Be Asking about College Savings Plans” on

    • Kim added: College is a huge cost no matter how you finance it, and borrowing against life insurance adds the loan interest cost to it, though it also protects the cash value while the kid is in school. It can be shown on the borrowing strategies calculator if one had a life policy that had been started on the adult parent at the time the child was born.

      Also see this article from P4P:

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