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Life Insurance Values Tutorial
(Todd Langford - 13m 22s)

How to use the Life Insurance Value Tool to reduce time cutting and pasting client information and show "the whole truth" about life insurance.

Automobile Purchase
(Norman Baker - 9m 26s)

How to use the Auto Purchase Calculator.

Financial Calculators
(Norman Baker - 8m 11s)

How to use the Future Value, Present Value, Payment, Interest Rate and Time Period calculators.

Funding Illustration
(Norman Baker - 19m 24s)

How to use the Funding Calculator.

Borrowing Strategy
(Todd Langford - 12m 10s)

Showing how to demonstrate power of having a client pay themselves for loan, just like they would pay a bank.

Loan Analysis
(Todd Langford - 12m 24s)

How to use the Loan Analysis, for instance, in creating amortization schedules.

Qualified Plan
(Todd Langford - 12m 23s)

How to use the Qualified Plan Calculator to show the whole truth about what happens to money in a qualified plan, including taxes, fees, etc.

Real Estate
(Todd Langford - 10m 12s)

How to analyze investment returns on real estate, and an example of using life insurance to purchase an investment properity.

Funding Calculator
(Todd Langford - 11m 46s)

How to use the Funding Calculator to demonstrate strategies using life insurance.

Auto Calculator
(Todd Langford - 4m 14s)

How to use the Auto Calculator to compare paying cash for a car with borrowing for a car, showing how we either "pay up" or pass up" interest costs.

Borrowing Calculator
(Todd Langford - 9m 43s)

Analyzing the impact of borrowing to fund vehicle purchases.

Truth Concepts™ Video

2012 Think Tank
(Todd Langford - 1hr 5m)

Todd's presentation at the 2012 Think Tank for advisors and agents, with many great examples.

1:00-3:00: Todd Langford's Introduction from David Stearns
3:01-10:00: Funding Calculator, comparing cash value with other investments
10:01-17:29: Conversation about Equity Indexed Universal Life
17:30-19:29: "Ned" movie clip
19:30-24:29: Investing at 6% with a Loan at 8%, and BETTER options!
24:30-26:59: Pizza Story - "Where does the dollar go?"
27:00-30:29: Truth and Statistics
30:30-45:29: Borrowing Strategies
45:30-1:01:29: Real Estate - Measuring Rate of Return on investment properity.
1:01:30-1:04:00 Wrap Up.

Truth Concepts™ Video

2013 Think Tank
(Todd Langford - 41m)

Todd's presentation at the 2013 Think Tank for advisors and agents, with many great examples.

0:00-2:04: Intro: There are no deals in the life insurance industry.
2:05-3:56: To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink suggests we ask: "compared to what?"
3:57-6:39: Numbers v. Real Life
06:40-14:39: Getting Clear that PUA's are best continued if possible
14:40-23:59: Funding Calculator measuring the effectiveness of whole life "compared to..."
24:00-27:26: Page 65 from Nelson Nash's Becoming your Own Banker book
27:27-35:54: Words are Important - Guarantees
35:55-40:24: Q/A covering IRR and Annual ROR