Build Client Trust By Proving Your Advice

Truth Concepts™ Software and Training helps you build TRUST and tremendous CONFIDENCE by proving out mathematically, the financial advice that you give clients.


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Truth Concepts™ does two things:

Helps your clients understand the “whole truth” about their financial choices.

Forget “conventional wisdom” (that may be wrong) or what the latest financial magazine is pushing. Truth Concepts™ pulls back the curtain and tells it like it is. Your clients will see a clear, holistic 360° view of their financial life. 

Truth Concepts™ can be used to compare financial strategies, to consult and answer your client’s specific questions, or as a powerful presentation tool that can be used to educate clients about financial principles such as opportunity costs and the impact of taxes and fees.

Helps advisors and agents like you establish yourself as your clients’ most trusted financial expert.

We have helped thousands of advisors and agents differentiate themselves in a crowded industry and take their business to a whole new level.

Truth Concepts™ isn’t just a software company… through the Truth Concepts 360­°™ platform we provide both live and online training to help you grow your confidence while earning your clients’ trust which will grow your business. 

Do You Know if Your Advice is Accurate? Can You Prove it?

Truth Concepts™ is desktop software that analyzes the impact of various financial choices. It includes over 20 multi-faceted functions – a suite of 16 calculators and additional tools and tables of historical information (such as tax rates). Truth Concepts™ lets you evaluate the effectiveness of limitless financial options. You will have the confidence to know that your advice is accurate BEFORE you meet with your client. 

Is Truth Concepts™ Right For You?

You want to PROVE that you are doing the best thing for your clients
You are an open-minded financial advisor or insurance agent who loves to learn
You love building a successful business based on honor, truth and 100% transparency
You’re a proponent of whole life insurance but are frustrated with most financial software’s inability to accurately include its benefits and potential

You want the support of ongoing education and a community of like-minded peers


Advisors who are looking for gimmicks or “sleight of hand” in order to make a sale regardless of the impact on clients

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How is Truth Concepts™ used?

Financial professionals use it to educate and empower their clients with complete transparency. Truth Concepts™ can be used to answer questions, compare strategies, consult, analyze, troubleshoot, and shift paradigms. Find out more about the calculators and their functions.

How does it work?

Truth Concepts™ measures how various actions (such as saving, spending, insuring, investing, borrowing, taxation, etc.) will affect an investor’s cash flow, net worth, and much more. By entering specifics of a client’s financial situation, you can calculate future results based on current facts and conditions.

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Truth Concepts™- Our History

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  • 1986

    Truth Concepts™ founder Todd Langford is working with clients with Norman Baker. He begins work to develop calculators that would “prove or disprove” the validity of certain financial strategies. These early calculators ended up proving misunderstood concepts like the internal rate of return on whole life insurance is actually better than cash and a 30-year mortgage is more efficient than a 15-year mortgage.

  • 1993

    Todd Langford continues the development of calculators and begins training select groups of financial advisors. The calculators gave them a reliable way to compare strategies and test the soundness of ANY financial choice. The mathematical Truth sometimes disproved popular financial strategies!

  • 2002

    Todd Langford temporarily leaves programming to return to working directly with clients as a financial advisor. It was during this period that Todd developed the stories, examples, and conversations that would eventually be integrated into Truth Training™.

  • 2007

    Working directly with clients enabled Todd to encounter limitations of existing financial software and conceive possibilities for an even more robust suite of calculators. Diving back into programming and development, Todd labored for many months to create the definitive solution and in

  • 2008

    The first version of Truth Concepts™ software is released to the market and Truth Training™ expands to 3 full days.

  • 2011

    Todd keeps updating and improving versions of the Truth Concepts™ software which now features over 20 calculators and tools.

  • 2016

    The game-changing Asset Flow Calculator is developed and added to the Truth Concepts™ software suite along with a free app for the financial calculators.

  • 2018

    The Truth Concepts 360°™ software and training platform is developed to give advisors the ultimate resource in helping them gain the confidence to know that the advice they share with clients is accurate and provable.

  • 2020

    Work begins on a secret project which will be called TruthLabs, stay tuned and stay brushed up on what Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is doing for the software world.


Our Founder, Todd Langford

Truth Concepts™ CEO and developer Todd Langford has been on the forefront of financial software development and training for over 30 years. Considered by many to be the industry expert, Todd has trained thousands of professionals to use financial software effectively.

Convinced that advisors were leading clients down the wrong path with certain financial strategies, Todd set out to prove the truth… with calculators.

The calculators gave them a reliable way to compare strategies and test the soundness of ANY financial choice. The unexpected result? The mathematical Truth sometimes disproved popular financial strategies!

Todd has been an advocate of effective financial strategies, regardless of their popularity with Wall Street firms, the media, or investment gurus-of-the-moment. 

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Todd Langford, Beyond the Numbers

Todd Langford may be best known in financial circles as the lead developer, educator and CEO of Truth Concepts™ but here are some things you probably didn’t know. 

  • Todd’s Kolbe profile is 6338 so he initiates action in Implementor which explains why he loves to…
  • Program software and get his hands dirty working on his ’68 Corvette
  • Todd keeps three or four tractors going all the time in order to care for his family’s farm in Texas
  • Todd designed and installed a sophisticated solar system that powers his family’s entire home and office off the grid
  • Todd is a master griller who can turn out unbelievably delicious salmon and steak
  • Todd relishes his private time hanging out with his wife, financial advisor and author Kim Butler and their dog Emma…and occasionally helping take care of their alpacas
  • Todd has a degree in biology…which he clearly doesn’t use

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