Team Truth Concepts™

Cole Brannan

Cole Brannan hails from Corvallis, Oregon, but now calls Arizona home. He serves as an Ads Analyst, Content Creator, and Social Media Manager. With a background in streaming on Twitch, Cole brings his computer knowledge and social media prowess to his current roles. He thrives on the flexibility of working from home and enjoys the strategic challenges of his job.

Cole values teamwork and appreciates the solid foundation it provides. His motivation stems from his passion for his work, believing that loving what you do makes it not feel like work at all.

Described as overworking, knowledgeable, and possessing an impressive work ethic, Cole’s ideal work environment involves late evenings, fueled by caffeine and surrounded by background noise. He comes from a family with a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. Outside of work, Cole dedicates his time to improving his skills in technology, gaming, and art.

Despite his busy schedule, he maintains a close-knit circle of online friends.

Cole Brannan, Video Maestro