Advisors: Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

(A note from Kate Phillips, our marketing coach):

mobile-friendlyOver the last few months, Google has been warning webmasters and SEO (search engine optimization) marketers that websites need to be “mobile-friendly” in this smart-phone age.

In a nutshell: Older website technology such as flash, too-tiny text and pages that aren't appropriately formatted (or adjustable) for smaller devices are “out,” and websites designed to be compatible with iphones, windows phones and android smartphones are “in.”

Why it matters:

Beginning April 21st, mobile-friendly websites will begin receiving priority ranking on Google.

What this means is that if your website is out-dated, when people do searches on their phones, your website may be out-ranked by other competitor websites.

Searched done on desktops or laptops will be unaffected.

If your business relies on potential customers and clients finding you on Google, then it is important that you update your website ASAP if it does not pass the mobile-friendly test.

Not sure if your website is mobile or not?

You can enter your domain name here and Google will run a quick, free analysis. (I believe Google also give recommendations if your site is not mobile, but fortunately all the websites I manage passed the test!)

More about the mobile-friendly update from Google here.