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Live in Person: Feb 10 – 12, 2020, in Atlanta, GA
Mon. & Tues. 8:30am – 8:30pm
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Peachtree Planning Office
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What is Truth Training™?

We believe that Truth Concepts™ is the best financial software available. Truth Training™ will help you make the most of it. However, you do not need to own Truth Concepts™ software in order to benefit massively from the training (you’ll receive a temporary license to use during the training).

Truth Training™ has been called a “masters in finance.”

You will leave the event with the ability to demonstrate complex financial concepts in a way that clients can understand and take action on.

You will be empowered to help others reach their highest potential!

“What a fun and inspiring 3 jam packed days at Truth Training last week! I know I mentioned it to you in person…but I wanted to say it again..THANK YOU for the excellent work you do! THANK YOU to both you and Kim for inspiring us…leading us…engaging us as advisors in terrific conversation that helps us learn how to connect and help more folks! Lord knows people need us! Keep up the great work Todd!”

Bryan McCloskey

Here’s what we’ll cover in Truth Training™

The “average” rate of return vs. the “actual” rate of return (They’re not the same at all, yet most investors are fooled by this).

How to measure and apply the profit methods used by banks (Hint: If a bank offers 1% on savings and lends at 4%, their profit is NOT 3%).

401k’s and qualified plans (Factor the true rate of return after costs and taxes).

Whole life and term insurance (Lay the debates to rest with the facts).

15-year vs. 30-year mortgages. Compare any two loans to determine which is more efficient and create amortization schedules.

Real estate investments: calculate the real rate of return of any property, whether an investment or home.

Use tools like Market History, Tax History, Life Expectancy tables etc.

Determine the internal rate of return on ANY investment with level or varying cash flows.

Show Clients both the relationship of various assets together as well as the way cash flows through, to, and from their assets.

Opportunity costs: Illustrate the true cost of paying cash for cars or other major purchases.

Calculate interest rates properly on car loans, bank loans, leases, pre-authorized check charges at insurance companies, and more (Is dealer financing “too good to be true”)?

Illustrate the impact of borrowing from different sources including a life insurance company.

Identify the internal rate of return on a life insurance policy and the rate one would have to earn in an alternate account, taking into consideration taxes, term insurance and/or management fees.

Identify each aspect of accumulating money and all its corresponding costs on any type of asset (taxable, tax-deductible, tax-deferred, tax-free).

The true cost of a college education at a private university or institution.

Tips and tricks on using the software, and more!

Each training is influenced by your questions and comments, and includes opportunity for you to practice what you’ve learned.

And it’s FUN, too! Not only is it fantastic networking, but you get to learn what other advisors are doing and pick up some valuable tips!

Who comes to Truth Training? Advisors and Agents Who…

Are committed to transparency and presenting “the whole truth” about money.

Desire a consultative approach rather than a product-based approach.

Want to motivate clients to take action without selling or convincing.

Embrace a Prosperity Economics™ paradigm (utilizing whole life insurance, measuring opportunity costs, shielding assets from market whims, etc.)

Want to get the MOST out of their Truth Concepts™ software.

If you would rather educate than “sell” or “close,” you will find the training especially valuable. When your clients “see” the truth, they will be asking YOU to help them make changes!

I made all of my money back, and then some, for the TC software AND the training on that one case alone. I’m closing about 80% of clients since going to the training in St. Louis.”

Marty Becker

Meet your Instructors

You’ll learn directly from Truth Concepts™ developer Todd Langford. Todd has been on the forefront of developing financial software for decades, and he has trained thousands of advisors and agents all around the country.

In addition to being a software programmer and trainer, Todd also has years of experience as a financial advisor, which led him to develop the examples, illustrations and conversations that go along with the numbers. Simply put, Todd Langford is THE expert that many advisors turn to when they need to know the nuts and bolts of how to best use financial software.

Todd will be assisted by Kim Butler, founder of Partners for Prosperity, Inc. Kim has built two successful financial practices (first working for another company, then with her own practice.) Kim is an author of seven acclaimed books on personal finance and wealth building, as well as an avid Truth Concepts user, and Todd’s wife.

“I marvel at the fact that each calculator includes so many options to illustrate multiple circumstances. I also appreciate Todd’s stories (how to talk to clients) which make the calculators “come alive” for the client, and for me!

“Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge and expertise along with the software. All of this provides great value for all of us, worth much more than our cost of software and attending training sessions.”

Frank Cherniawski, Wealth Management Institute

At Truth Training™, you’ll short-cut your way to success and leave with…

New confidence in using Truth Concepts™ software.

Skills to demonstrate wealth-building concepts in a show-and-tell manner.

Step-by-step instructions of how to use financial calculators to address common client questions and concerns.

New ways to integrate stories, examples, numbers and concepts.

A deeper understanding of financial principles and how to communicate them to clients.

In short, you’ll learn exactly how to “SHOW THEM THE MONEY”!

You’re protected by our
“Love This Training” Guarantee:

If you don’t agree that Truth Training™ is time and money well-spent… if you don’t think that what you learn will help you serve more clients… If, for any reason, you decide it’s “just not for you,” simply let us know at the end of the first day, and we will refund your entire tuition. No hassles.

We want you to attend Truth Training™ “Risk-free” because we know that you WILL “love this training!

Here’s What Truth Training™ Alumni Have To Say…

“The Truth Concepts software training (Truth Training) is second to none. Todd is the industry expert.”

Paul Luchau, Life Dynamics Group

“It’s said, ‘You don’t know what you don’t know.’ Well, today I came in here not knowing what I didn’t know… and I walked away with some things I can really USE for clients that I had no idea. And all of the camaraderie and the questions from the group were absolutely fantastic!”

Bobby Mattei, R.S. Mattei & Associates, Shreveport, LA

“Even though I’m probably the least analytical agent I know, TC allows me to level the playing field with CPA’s, MBA’s, CFO’s, etc, etc. – so much so that I actually have a comfort level with TC-live demo’s!”

Joe Pantozzi,Las Vegas, Nevada

“I watched as traditional wisdom (such as, get a 15-year mortgage to save money) was turned upside down once factors such as taxes and opportunity costs were considered. It was a bit like learning the earth wasn’t flat…. But when you see the picture of the whole truth, it’s hard to deny. Anyone with Truth Concepts™ software owes it to themselves (and their clients!) to experience two days of training and aha’s from the man who created it. Highly recommended.”

Kate Phillips, Total Wealth Coaching

“The best part of the training is more than just the software and what we learn with all the different calculators, it’s the people that are here, the connections we make, and the ability to learn from everybody – to get the little pearls of what each person is doing, and implement them into our business.”

Jennifer, Generational Wealth Partners

“Now I know what I didn’t even know I needed to know about the business.”

Rick Bueter, author of The Great Wall Street Retirement Scam

“Every time I come to a training with Todd, it’s always mind-expanding!”

Richard Keal, Generational Wealth Partners

“TT gives us added tools to be able to successfully serve clients. I learned how to easily and quickly back up the concepts with numbers that show the benefits. I also had the opportunity to meet with other like-minded professionals that are working on the same issues and solutions.”

Wes Dye, Fort Collins, CO

“I’m looking forward to coming again and again.”

Joe Casselman, Financial Process Group

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