Truth Concepts is Busting the Retirement Lies!

When you think about it, isn’t the concept of retirement just ABSURD!? It’s absurd to think that making a growing segment of our population LESS productive (through forced or expected retirements), that there will somehow be more for everyone. It’s absurd for 95% of Americans to believe they can work and save for 40 years, then expect to live off of their savings and investments – in the manner to which they’ve become accustomed – for another 20, 30, even 40 years. We know that for most Americans, the math

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Are Your Clients READY for the Unexpected?

You work hard to prepare your clients financially, with insurance policies, savings, investments, education, and more. You may assume – along with your clients – that a life insurance policy, a will, and a durable power of attorney constitute “preparedness.” But those are just part of the puzzle. The fact is that even the people who have taken such steps usually fail to leave instructions for their loved ones about dozens of seemingly small, but essential details. When a personal emergency strikes, few people know what to actually DO in

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Do PUAs Grow Less Efficient Over Time?

As you know, in the early months and years of a whole life policy, the PUAs are more efficient than the base premium as far as generating cash value for the policy. While the base premium alone can take years to generate a positive internal rate of return where cash value is concerned, the PUAs are converted to cash value right away, which increases the efficiency of the policy overall.

However, after 5-7 years of funding a whole life policy, the impact of the PUAs appears to lessen. Illustrations of a policy funded with maximum PUAs vs. no PUAs at all show that, several years into the policy, the PUAs no longer have a dramatic affect on the internal rate of return of the policy.

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