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“The investment I made into Truth Concepts has paid one of the highest rates of return back to my business. It has absolutely exploded my business.”

Kyle Fuller, CEO of Factum Financial

Complex (and Simple) Financial Scenarios Mastered

Mainstream financial commentary is misdirecting your clients and obscuring the whole truth about money. It’s time to build confidence in dispelling financial myths and helping your clients meet lifelong objectives.

All-in-One Financial Toolset

  • Respond to virtually any question with a mathematical answer that’s relevant to your client’s situation
  • Compare and contrast investments with other investments — or life insurance policies with cash bonds
  • Measure and show the importance of opportunity costs
  • Reveal how cash flows through, to, and from your client’s assets 
  • Demonstrate the impact of taxes and fees on 401(k) plans and other investments
  • Recommend the best solutions for your clients by testing them before you make them

“Truth Concepts™ has given us the tools to educate on concepts that historically we’ve done through our investment ledgers or white board. The software allows us to tell the story, share our concept, and put truth to the numbers.”

Bryan Repple

“I have become so dependent on my Truth Concepts software that I simply cannot function as a responsible advisor without access to it.”

Wayne Durksen

“I’m new in the industry so the calculators have been completely priceless to helping me verify for people what the long-term outcomes are for their financial future, depending on where they store their money.”

Marty Becker

Built by Advisors — for Advisors

Build Stronger Relationships With Clients and Other Advisors.

Access virtual training and in-person conferences such as Truth Training to pick up valuable tips and bounce questions off of other advisors.   

Increase Sales With Mathematical Proof and Visualizations That Get Your Clients’ Attention.


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System Requirements:
Truth Concepts Software REQUIRES Windows Operating System (Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 10)

Mac Users: We do not have a Mac version, however, we have some users successfully running Truth Concepts on their Macs in a Windows Virtual Machine environment, such as “Parallels”, “VM Ware”, or the free “Virtual Box”. In order to do this, you must also purchase Windows to run inside any of the above virtual machine programs.

Since most life insurance companies only have Windows versions of their illustration software, this setting would allow you to run that as well. Another option would be Truth Concepts Online, which runs through Remote Desktop Software. Learn more about Truth Concepts Online here.

Truth Training 5/31 to 6/2 | Become Your Clients’ Most Trusted Financial Expert.