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When filling in the tax box on the right for Mutual Funds, the following guidance and definitions will be helpful.  Remember to get this tax box, the “MF?” box on the left must be checked.  This means the existing money plus any new payments will be taxed like a mutual fund.  To fill in the box, you’ll use 3 percentages that must equal 100%, for example, 20% + 30% + 50%.  Unrealized Long Term Capital Gains means the percent of the funds’ growth that “fell off the fund managers desk”

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Truth Tip Accumulation

The Accumulation Calculator shows the effectiveness of money growing (taxable, tax deferred, tax deductible and/or tax free) and it has multiple variable payment and withdrawal columns, the ability to vary the earnings rate, and to add term insurance and  other costs.  In this calculator you can create an exact copy of existing information currently in the calculator by pushing the “Duplicate” button on the top left.  PINK box means column showing but no #’s.  YELLOW box means #’s but no column showing.  BLUE box means #’s in the column and its

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