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7 Blind Spots of Financial Advisors

Even a seasoned financial advisor can be vulnerable to certain blind spots within the field, what matters is recognizing and learning from these blind spots. Here we have gathered a list of the seven major areas in which advisors can falter, to save you from the same oversights. 1. Forgetting Time Value of Money As an advisor, the time value of money must be applied to every calculation, and any calculation that does not take this into account is not accurate. Every dollar has a value that increases over time,

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Clarifying Mortgage Interest Deductibility

On a mastermind call with Summit attendees a few months ago, Kim Butler asked Todd Langford to share about some misconceptions about mortgage interest deductibility, and the truth of the matter. We had this portion of the call transcribed and thought it might be helpful to you, too! Kim:  Todd is going to share a little bit about the deductibility of mortgage interest discussion that comes up almost every Truth Training. There’s really no way to show this in the form of a calculator but it is a very valuable

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