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Human Life Value And The Fallacy Of “Needs Analysis”

Would you buy a $50,000 car yet only insure it for $30,000 because you only NEEDED a $30,000 car? NO! and yet the life insurance industry does this all the time with people by completing a “needs analysis” to determine how much life insurance you “need”.  YOU don’t “need” any, but you family may.  However, trying to figure out how much THEY need is an exercise in futility.  Oh, and the thought that single people don’t NEED life insurance? It’s as correct as saying they aren’t worth anything. So, how

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How Can Borrowing At 4% And Investing At 5% Be A 25% Return?

Do you know the whole truth about how interest rates work?  Did you know borrowing money at 4% and investing at 5% is not a 1% difference but a 25% return?  It may be a 1% spread, but the reason most people cannot identify the 25% return is we don’t typically use financial calculators (like an HP-12c ).  If we do use them, it is still hard to tell what is going on because we can not see all the numbers at one time since the screen only shows the

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