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Truth Quotes, Part 6

Earlier this month, we had a small AND mighty group of advisors at our Houston Truth Training. It was a great event filled with new insights on some of the latest Truth Concepts updates and material. The following are some of our favorite quotes from the event. Quotes on Life Insurance Todd paraphrasing Vince D’Addona: “Little money becomes big money in the presence of life insurance.” “Insurance is not a sexy asset, but advisors keep trying to add in twists when explaining it. You don’t need to. If you explain

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Truth Quotes, Part 5

The time has come for another round-up of quotes from Todd Langford, and some others, that we’ve gathered during our last Truth Training and TC 360 in 60 sessions. We hope these quotes inspire you on your journey to seek the Truth, and help clients do the same with their finances. (Quotes are from Todd Langford unless otherwise noted.) Quotes on Financial Math “If the numbers are right, they don’t matter. If the numbers are wrong, they don’t matter.” “The point is, calculators can calculate numbers, but they cannot calculate

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No Deals in the Life Insurance Industry

“There are no deals in the life insurance industry…” This quote, more perhaps than any other, is something we must take to heart when we work with clients. Not because it’s “sexy,” but because it’s true. The more we try to glamorize the life insurance industry, the greater disservice we do to what life insurance can do—and the more we risk confusing clients. The truth is that there’s no magic. Life insurance doesn’t grow money out of thin air, nor does it eliminate interest, or allow you to pay yourself

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The Truth About Whole Life Insurance Taxation

Tax language—you’ll often hear talk about tax loopholes, tax breaks, tax shelters. All have a negative implication and show a fundamental misunderstanding of why tax advantages exist in the first place. Whole life insurance taxation is another beast altogether. With whole life insurance, I often hear people talk about how it’s tax free, which is equally misleading. While the death benefit is tax free and there are ways of accessing cash value without causing a taxable event. To say it’s entirely tax free is incorrect.  And yet (outside of one area)

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Truth Quotes, Part 4

As we wrap up the first Truth Training of 2021, and the last one in the current Paradigm Life building (they’re moving locations), it feels fitting to add another round of quotes. We’re fortunate to work with some of the brightest minds in the business, and we love sharing nuggets for those minds who could not attend. Or those who could and want to review! Unless otherwise noted, quotes are from Todd. Quotes on Truth “We all want to be right. If you’re really seeking Truth, you have to be willing

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Truth Quotes, Part 3

We had the privilege, these last few days, of conducting yet another Truth Training in Salt Lake City, hosted by Paradigm Life. There was a lot of wisdom shared, and for those of you who couldn’t be there (and those of you who didn’t get them noted in time), we’d like to share the wealth of knowledge. Unless otherwise noted, the quotes are from our own Todd Langford (though we can’t guarantee they originated with him). We hope you’ll enjoy the most recent installment of “Truth Quotes.” “Systematize the predictable

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