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  • Within the 30-day “trial mode” the software is fully functional without an Activation code. No need to send codes yet.  Click Continue to use the software.
  • If you decide to purchase the software before the 30-day trial ends, go to to purchase the software.  You’ll need to send us the SITE code and MID code from the activation screen (that will come up when you initially start the software).  Once we receive your 2 codes, we will send back an ACTIVATION code which you will use to unlock the software.
  • The simplest way to send us your 2 codes is to press the “send codes” button which will generate an email in your default email program that can be sent on to us (we don’t work weekends or holidays, but we will help you as soon as we can!).
  • Once you receive your ACTIVATION code back from us, press UNLOCK on the activation screen and then copy and paste the ACTIVATION code from the email into the “Activation Code” field.

To copy your software to a new / different computer or have an expired license,  please email

System Requirements:
Truth Concepts Software REQUIRES Windows Operating System (Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 10)

Mac Users: We do not have a Mac version, however, we have some users successfully running Truth Concepts on their Macs in a Windows Virtual Machine environment, such as “Parallels”, “VM Ware”, or the free “Virtual Box”. In order to do this, you must also purchase Windows to run inside any of the above virtual machine programs.

Since most life insurance companies only have Windows versions of their illustration software, this setting would allow you to run that as well. Another option would be Truth Concepts Online, which runs through Remote Desktop Software. Learn more about Truth Concepts Online here.

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learn-online-iconLet us help you utilize Truth Concepts™ to its full potential! We have numerous resources to help you gain confidence in using Truth Concepts™ effectively:

1. Video Tutorials can be found at:, including a video of Todd Langford’s presentation at Think Tank.

2. Sign up to receive a series of tutorials and tips below.

3. See our “Calculators” page at for summaries of the functions of each of the tools and calculators.

4. Join Truth Concepts Academy, our virtual 24/7 training platform featuring 20+ videos recorded at our live Truth Training events. We highly recommend the academy as the perfect complement to occasional live trainings.

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5. Need Help? Explore the Truth Concepts™ blog has many examples and tips, along with other information you can use in your business: (Use the search bar and categories in sidebar on the right to find what you want.)

6. Last but NOT least… Live Training:
We highly recommend attending the Truth Training at your earliest convenience. Truth Training is three days of hands-on learning from Truth Concepts™ developer Todd Langford with like-minded colleagues.

Details, registration and rave reviews at:

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