Visit some of our favorite links as we will update the list below with our favorite links:  The Economic Value of Certainty-LIS Article Les McGuire   Washington Post Mensa   New Stock Market Terms scroll down for a talk by G. Edward Griffin author of The Creature from Jekyll Island for their Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior reports
  From Bloomberg TV- The Truth Behind Hidden Fees   You Tube Videos – Get the Whole Truth Part 1 Part 2 Part 3   Fee Articles – “Where Should You Be Investing Your Money?” and Forbes’ “The 401(k) Fiasco, Congress Sheds some Light on Fees and it’s About Time”   103 Page White paper on using Life Insurance to Insure our Human capital and how helpful it is in  Asset Allocation as well.   Interesting WSJ Admission Article on  529 Plans, so Many Flunk Out Plans   WSJ Article on How many Fees your Mutual fund is Charging You