Infinite Banking Concept Calculator

Use Our Infinite Banking Calculators to Show Your Clients How To Dramatically Improve Their Liquidity and Cash Flow! 

Looking for Infinite Banking Software? Truth Concepts™ provides you with some Infinite banking concept calculators as a part of our suite of financial calculators helping you to use real numbers and graphs so your clients can easily grasp how the Infinite Banking Concept can be used as a valuable part of their financial strategy. 

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Borrowing Strategy Calculator

Help clients create a borrowing or “banking” strategy

Icons_borrowing The Borrowing Strategy calculator is one of Truth Concept’s Infinite Banking calculators that helps illustrate the principles of the Infinite Banking Concept through an analysis of their loan and payment options so that they can clearly see how to alleviate cash flow bottlenecks. 

For example:
How could alternative funding sources for big ticket items enable one to be more effective with their money than if they borrowed from a commercial bank?  

Answer: A life insurance policy with a loan rate of 6% (and an optional direct recognition reduction of 1%) with a market loan rate of 10% shown paying the policy loan back at the full 10% rather than paying the alternate market source at 10% would create more wealth in the policy than the policy by itself without the loan.

Infinite banking concept calculator
Infinite banking calculator
Infinite banking concept calculator

Automobile Purchases Calculator

Demonstrate the true cost or opportunity cost of paying cash

Icons_loananalysis The Automobile Purchases is another one of our infinite banking concept calculators that can be used to help your clients determine how their IBC strategy can improve their personal borrowing strategy too. More importantly, it will impress upon clients how much paying cash now can cost them in future dollars (and how leveraging an IBC policy alleviates this).

For example: 
Paying $30,000 cash for a car every 5 years (with no inflation) removes $460,371 from your asset base (assuming it’s earning a net 5%) even though the cars themselves only cost $180,000. 


    Infinite banking concept ibc software calculators

    These are just a few examples of Infinite Banking calculators that you can use to impress upon your clients the benefits of Infinite Banking.

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