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Office in a meadowNow the training can come to you! We offer several ways to learn Truth Concepts calculators from the comfort of your own home or office. Whether you’re looking to get started, brush up on a specific calculator, or review several calculators and tools, we have options.

Truth Concepts Academy!

Truth concepts academy logoWe have created a 24-7 online learning platform with over 20 recordings from our live Truth Trainings. The courses in Truth Concepts Academy are all conducted by Truth Concepts founder Todd Langford (with a little help from his lovely assistant, wife, and advisor Kim Butler). Below, listen to Todd Langford as he speaks about Truth Concepts and the Academy. The courses in our software academy utilize screen capture technology that lets you see “over the shoulder,” and you also hear how Todd is instructing the class, including some Q and A. Get lifetime access to Truth Concepts Academy here!

Other Virtual Resources for You


The Whole Truth Videos

Whole-truth-about-money-logobWhile Truth Concepts Academy captures presentations for ADVISORS, agents, and other financial professionals, the Whole Truth Videos document the most comprehensive “CLIENT” event ever given by Todd Langford and Kim Butler. “The Whole Truth About Money: Examining the Pros and Cons of Common Financial Vehicles” was a full-day event held for advisors and guests in early 2016. At the event, Todd used the Truth Concepts software in client-friendly presentations that busted many common financial myths. Rather than discussing how to use the software, the focus is on the financial concepts. We filmed the event and edited together both video of the presenters and “screenplay” footage of the calculators. Now you can purchase the collection of 13 videos to use for your own practice, or even show them directly to your clients! Purchase the Whole Truth Videos here.

Looking for our free tutorials?

We have Truth Concepts “demo” videos available for you to see Truth Concepts in action on our Tutorials page. You’ll also see videos of live presentations Todd Langford has made to advisors at the IBC Think Tank on our Tutorials page. We offer these tutorials to demonstrate how Truth Concepts software can be used to illustrate key financial concepts. They are not “trainings,” per se, but many advisors find them helpful.

Truth Concepts on YouTube!

You’ll find a series of “screenplay” videos, snippets of interviews with Todd Langford and more on the Truth Concepts YouTube Channel.

Don’t Miss Our BEST Course – 3-Day Truth Training – LIVE with Todd Langford!

We have created online learning because we know that it isn’t always possible to come (or come as often as you would like) to our live trainings for personal, hands-on instruction. (And even when you do attend, many benefit from repeated reviews to master the software.) However, we strongly recommend that every Truth Concepts user gets the benefit of our live 3-day training at least once! Todd Langford holds live trainings (Truth Training) several times a year in Houston and other locations.

How are advisors are using Truth Concepts?

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