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See Every Angle of Your Clients’ Financial Picture. 360 Degrees. 
No Blind Spots.

With Truth Concepts 360°™ software and training you will be able to deliver your clients a complete holistic view of their financial life including opportunities to consider and pitfalls to avoid.



  • 30-day FREE trial
  • Test drive the FULL version of the software
  • Free enlightening and educational email tour
  • See Truth Concepts­­ in action BEFORE you purchase
  • Learn about all of our options to help grow your practice while serving your clients at the highest level!




New Member Start-up includes:

  • Full year of Truth Concepts™ Software…a value of $1,997!
  • One ticket to a LIVE 3-day Truth Training of your choice…a value of $1,997!
  • 24/7 access to Truth Concepts Academy video training portal…a value of $997!
  • Ongoing LIVE online calculator training sessions…value of $1,164!
  • All software updates and improvements
  • Annual renewal gives you all of the above for only $1,499!

System Requirements:
Truth Concepts Software REQUIRES Windows Operating System (Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 10)

Mac Users: We do not have a Mac version, however, we have some users successfully running Truth Concepts on their Macs in a Windows Virtual Machine environment, such as “Parallels”, “VM Ware”, or the free “Virtual Box”. In order to do this, you must also purchase Windows to run inside any of the above virtual machine programs.

Since most life insurance companies only have Windows versions of their illustration software, this setting would allow you to run that as well. Another option would be Truth Concepts Online, which runs through Remote Desktop Software. Learn more about Truth Concepts Online here.

What Other People are Saying

“As I personally continue to expand my knowledge base on better ways to educate myself and the public on ways to Control The Flow of their Money, I keep coming back to the Truth Concepts software program!”

John Moriarty

“I use TC EVERY DAY – and even though I’m probably the least analytical agent I know, TC allows me to level the playing field with CPA’s, MBA’s, CFO’s, etc, etc. – so much so that I actually have a comfort level with TC-live demo’s! My job would be much, much harder without Truth Concepts!”

Joe Pantozzi

Here’s What You Are Going to Get with Your Truth Concepts 360°™ Subscription…

The Most Accurate, “Complete Picture” Financial Software on the Market

Truth Concepts™ software was developed to be much more than just “financial calculators.” The software has evolved over —- years to do one thing really well- deliver the WHOLE truth to your clients.

Most financial software doesn’t allow for the inclusion of so many of the investment options outside of Wall Street. Truth Concepts™ delivers a 360-degree view which gives your clients a better understanding as well as a more accurate assessment of their financial life.

Show Clients the Numbers Behind What’s Happening in Their World…

Now you can “tell the Whole Truth” about money – by letting the numbers do the talking!

Financial specialists such as advisors, agents, and investors use Truth Concepts™ to:

  • Differentiate themselves from the competition with cutting-edge technology
  • Empower clients to truly understand their financial choices, giving them a HOLISTIC view
  • Build trust by relating to clients with full transparency
  • Explain and illustrate Prosperity Economics strategies (measuring opportunity costs, understanding the inefficiencies of qualified plans, utilizing whole life insurance for purchases, retirement, and more…)
  • Focus on consulting rather than “selling”, addressing client concerns instead of pushing products
  • Analyze and compare various investments, loans, and financial strategies
  • Show the impact of taxes, fees, and other costs in detail
  • Give them a 360-degree view of their financial life!

The Best  Live Training in the Industry!

Your Truth Concepts 360­­°™ Membership Includes Attendance to What’s Been Called the “MBA of Financial Education for Advisors”

Truth Training is much more than “calculator training.” Yes, you will absolutely learn how to use Truth Concepts™ software. You will also learn WHY.

You will learn how to explain the entire journey from input to output so that your client understands, feels like a part of the process and proudly takes ownership of their financial decisions.

This elevates you to the ultimate in “Trusted Advisor Status.” 

Over the course of three days you will be immersed in what many have proclaimed, “the MBA of financial training seminars.”

You can get more information about Truth Training here. You will receive one complimentary ticket to this game-changing event every single year as part of your Truth Concepts 360°™ membership.

I’ll NEVER Stop Coming to These…

Training Videos 24/7 from Anywhere You Have an Internet Connection!

As a Part of Your Truth Concepts 360­­°™ Membership, You Will Also Have Access to the Truth Concepts™ Academy Training Portal…that’s a value of $997 per year!

Where ever you are, as long as you can connect to the internet, you will have the best training at your fingertips!

The revised, expanded Truth Concepts Academy features:

  • 24+ recorded trainings (almost 9 hours of content!) covering all of the essential calculators; including some never publicly available until now!
  • the stories and financial concepts that go with the numbers
  • brief summaries of what’s in each video
  • a downloadable PDF of calculator templates; and
  • convenient links to related online archives and articles

Truth Concepts 360°™ membership.

The 24+ online lectures cover the following calculators and topics: 

  • The Maximum Potential calculator – show the importance of saving safely rather than chasing uncertain rates of return.
  • Qualified Plan calculator – Factor the true rate of return after taxes and fees.
  • Using the Borrowing Strategy calculator to demonstrate the ability to borrow against and pay back any asset at different interest rates for cars or other major purchases.
  • How an effective borrowing strategy can save business owners a LOT of money on equipment leases!
  • Loan Analysis calculator – Compare different mortgages and loans.
  • 15-year Vs. 30-year mortgages – Demonstrate that a 15-year mortgage may save an interest payment, but not an interest cost.
  • Funding Illustration – Compare whole life insurance to other savings vehicles.
  • Using the Diversification calculator to show the impact of diversifying investments using whole life insurance.
  • How to use the Life Insurance Values tool to import real-life numbers from policy illustrations into your Truth Concepts
  • Measure the Internal Rate of Return on a life insurance policy’s cash value.
  • Identify the ROR an alternate account would have to earn to be comparable to life insurance, taking into consideration taxes, term insurance, and/or management fees.
  • Real Estate Analysis calculator: Measure the ROR on an investment real estate deal.
  • Accumulation calculator: Identify each aspect of accumulating money and all its corresponding costs on any type of asset (taxable, tax-deductible, tax-deferred, tax-free).
  • Distribution calculator: Compare varying strategies for distributing money in clients later years.
  • How Banks Make Money – Demonstrate the profit methods used by banks and show how clients can apply the same strategy.
  • Car Financing & Real Life – Calculate interest rates properly on cars, leases, and loans. Learn if dealer financing is too good to be true.
  • Financial Calculators – How to make the most of Truth Concept basic and financial calculators.
  • How to talk to clients about Term Conversion.
  • Why insurance companies charge more for monthly payments and the shocking financing rates of one!
  • Why level term insurance was good for the insurance companies but not for most term policyholders – and how it benefits whole life policy owners!
  • Can you invest at 6% with debt at 8% and get ahead? (No you can’t… here’s why.)
  • Cash Flow calculator training including a demonstration of The Laffer Curve and how taxes erode wealth.
  • Use Market History and Tax Table
  • Average Vs. Actual rates of return for mutual funds, stocks, or any other investment.
  • Plus invaluable gems of wisdom, tips, stories, and thought-provoking questions from Todd Langford.


And as long as you’re a member of Truth Concepts 360°™ you will receive new and updated education modules as they are produced! 

Simply Scratching the Surface…

“I use 5 of the Truth Concepts calculators every day at work, sometimes live with a client, sometimes just to confirm for myself that what I’m recommending works numerically. My favorites are Max Potential, Auto, Funding, Rate, and Diversification. I also send clients links to specific TC blog posts all the time.”

Kim Butler, Prosperity Economic Advisor

“Man…I feel like I’m simply scratching the surface here and not even using the asset flow calculator for even 25% of what it is capable of being used for!”

Bryan McCloskey

Frequently asked questions

Will Truth Concepts™ software work on my Mac?

Truth Concepts Software REQUIRES Windows Operating System (Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 10). We do not have a Mac version, however, we have some users successfully running Truth Concepts on their Macs in a Windows Virtual Machine environment, such as “Parallels”, “VM Ware”, or the free “Virtual Box”. In order to do this, you must also purchase Windows to run inside any of the above virtual machine programs.

How is Truth Concepts™ different from other financial software?

Truth Concepts™ software was developed to be a reliable way to compare strategies and test the soundness of ANY financial choice. The results sometimes disprove popular financial strategies.

As a software developer and a financial advisor working directly with clients, Todd Langford encountered the many limitations of existing financial software and conceived a new suite of calculators. Diving back into programming and development, Todd labored for many months to create the definitive solution.

Learn more here.

How difficult is Truth Concepts™ software to learn?

With over 20 powerful calculators and tools available, Truth Concepts™ software does take some experience to master.

However, the basics can be picked up fairly rapidly depending on your desire and effort.

You can see videos of Truth Concepts™ software in action on our Tutorials page. You can find more videos, snippets of interviews with Todd Langford and more on the Truth Concepts YouTube Channel.

We have created a 24-7 online learning platform called Truth Concepts™ Academy with over 20 recordings from our live Truth Trainings. 

Of course, the best way to learn Truth Concepts™ software is to get in a room with the creator and some of the best advisors in the industry at a LIVE Truth Training! 

Truth Training, Jan. 2023 | Catch the early bird discount while you still can!