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Yearly renewal

Includes the following calculators: Financial, Loan Analysis, Borrowing Strategy, Maximum Potential, Automobile Purchases and Future Requirements



Yearly renewal

Includes the full suite of over 20 calculators and tools
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Yearly renewal
Includes the following calculators: Real Estate Calculator, Loan Analysis and Financial



Yearly renewal
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System Requirements:
Truth Concepts Software REQUIRES Windows Operating System (Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 10)

Mac Users: We do not have a Mac version, however, we have some users successfully running Truth Concepts on their Macs in a Windows Virtual Machine environment, such as “Parallels”, “VM Ware”, or the free “Virtual Box”. In order to do this, you must also purchase Windows to run inside any of the above virtual machine programs.

Since most life insurance companies only have Windows versions of their illustration software, this setting would allow you to run that as well. Another option would be Truth Concepts Online, which runs through Remote Desktop Software (Add Link to TC Online Requirements)

What Other People are Saying

“As I personally continue to expand my knowledge base on better ways to educate myself and the public on ways to Control The Flow of their Money, I keep coming back to the Truth Concepts software program!”

John Moriarty

“I use TC EVERY DAY – and even though I’m probably the least analytical agent I know, TC allows me to level the playing field with CPA’s, MBA’s, CFO’s, etc, etc. – so much so that I actually have a comfort level with TC-live demo’s! My job would be much, much harder without Truth Concepts!”

Joe Pantozzi