** NOTE:  Timing of sessions and breaks are a guideline only and subject to change without notice. We suggest you attend ALL sessions to get the full value of the training!

DAY 1 – Wednesday 2/15

Session 1: Financial Calculator Section

9am Mountain Time approximate start time for live stream A. Teaches agents how to use financial calculators in a way clients can see each step. B. Helps them calculate interest properly on car loans, bank loans, leases, credit cards, equipment financing and life insurance loans C. Discusses Mutual Companies and their Profitability. D. Displays the difference between simple and compound interest and calculates the pre-authorized check charges at insurance companies.


Session 2: Internal ROR and Cash Flow

A. Teaches agents how to determine the internal rate of return on any investment with level or varying cash flows. B. Shows difference between beginning of year and end of year on Life Insurance Illustrations and impact of Decreasing Term Insurance. C. Proves the actual rate of return is different than the average rate of return. D. Displays examples of calculating Human Life Value.


Lunch approximately Noon to 1pm Mountain Time

Session 3: Cash Flow on education

A. Learn the formula for calculating a present cost of a future value of payments. B. Calculate the cost of educating children and show borrowing against cash value.

Session 4: Education Costs Calculator

A. Figure out the whole truth about the cost of college including opportunity costs.


Session 5: Maximum Financial Potential

A. Show clients their maximum financial potential. B. Show how costs affect their ability to achieve Maximum Potential as well as the positive impact of reducing those costs.

Session 6: Automobile Purchases

A. Illustrate the true cost of paying cash for any major purchases. B. Discuss and show borrowing against Cash Value for financing cars.

Bonus Session:

Advisor Resources and Discounts (Approximately 4-5pm Mountain Time) Find out about our recommended resources, marketing strategies, Kim’s client process, The Summit for Advisors, “at event” specials, and more! Day ends about 5pm Mountain Time.  

DAY 2 – Thursday 2/16

Session 7: Income Tax Chart

Start time 9:00 am Mountain Time. A. Helps clients see and understand the marginal tax brackets set forth by the IRS.

Session 8: Life Values

A. Helps analyze the internal rate of return on an existing or new life insurance policy. B. Teaches the difference between direct recognition and non-direct recognition. C. Shows how Cash Value loans impact cash value positively or negatively.


Session 9: Funding Calculator

A. Identify the internal rate of return on a life insurance policy and the rate one would have to earn in an alternate account, taking into consideration taxes, term insurance and/or management fees.


Approximately Noon to 1pm Mountain Time

Session 10: Qualified Plan

A. Show the true rate of return on 401k plans after all costs are factored in.

Session 11: Qualified Plan for business owners.

A. Shows a 401k’s costs when employee costs and administration fees are added.


Session 12: Borrowing Strategies Calculator

A. Illustrate the concept of borrowing from different sources including a life insurance company, a bank, a home equity line of credit, and/or paying cash. B. Shows how the Life Insurance curve works within the different borrowing scenarios.

Session 13: Real Estate Calculator

A. Analyze any real estate opportunity, whether investment or primary residence, and show its rate of return. B. Proves how borrowing against Cash Value can help make a down payment. Training ends about 5pm Mountain Time.  

DAY 3 – Friday 2/17

Start time approximately 9:00 am Mountain Time.

Session 14: Loan Analysis

A. Provides the ability to compare 2 loans to determine which is more efficient. B. Learn how to create an amortization schedule to pay back Cash Value Loan. C. Cover using Cash Value Loan instead of an equipment lease.

Session 15: Mortgage on Loan Calculator

A. Case study teaching how to compare 15 year and 30 year mortgages. B. Teaches how to calculate their compounded costs.


Session 16: Diversification

A. Show clients how adding Life Insurance can improve returns. B. Demonstrate the inclusion of term insurance with those assets and the impact on both the rate of return on the account and the estate. C. Discuss difference between UL and WL.


Approximately Noon to 1pm Mountain Time

Session 17: Distribution

A. Learn how to compare varying strategies for distributing money in clients’ later years. B. Show how the presence of death benefit can enhance an income stream.

Session 18: Term Conversion

A. Learn how to demonstrate a sequential conversion of term life insurance to permanent life insurance over the lifetime of a client.


Session 19: Accumulation Calculator

A. Teaches how to identify each aspect of accumulating money and all its corresponding costs on any type of asset (taxable, tax-deductible, tax-deferred, tax-free). B. Prove the truth behind Buy Term and Invest Difference strategy.

Session 20: Future Requirements

A. Learn how to show how much money is needed in the future to create the income of today based on variables input into the calculator. Training ends about 5pm Mountain Time.