We Caught “The Whole Truth” on VIDEO!

whole-truth-logo-squareOn February 10, 2016, we put on a special full-day event in Birmingham, AL for advisors and their guests, “The Whole Truth About Money.” Over several hours, we analyzed popular financial vehicles with Truth Concepts software to show some of the myths and misinformation which common in “typical” financial advice.

These presentations were the most comprehensive “client presentations” ever given by Todd Langford, in which he used practically every single TC calculator!

We covered a LOT of ground because we weren't stopping to show and discuss how to USE the calculators – our focus instead was on the MESSAGE we want clients to hear.

Some of the topics Todd covered –

  • The TRUTH about how banks really make money (and how we can, too);
  • The TRUTH about paying cash for cars and other major purchases;
  • The TRUTH about mortgages and why a 30-year mortgage can cost LESS;
  • The TRUTH about how qualified plans can drain your nest egg – whether you are an employee or a business owner;
  • The TRUTH about whole life rates of return, and why the critics are wrong;
  • The TRUTH about how much college REALLY costs once you factor in opportunity costs;
  • The TRUTH about Dave Ramsey's misinformation – with mathematical proof!

We had the event filmed, and then we edited together both video of Todd and “screenplay” footage from Kim's calculators.

At first, we only allowed those who attended The Whole Truth About Money access to the videos. But now, the Whole Truth Videos have been released for all.

===>> Get The Whole Truth Videos Here.

And from now until Wednesday, June 22, we are running two tremendous specials:

  1. Instead of the regular price of $497 right now you can get instant access to the videos for only $397!
  2. Even better… you can get the videos for FREE when you register for The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors!

Kim and I are both the hosts as well as featured speakers at The Summit, which happens July 20-23, 2016 at Deer Valley Resort, near Salt Lake City, Utah. This is THE event that you don't want to miss, if you are a “whole life friendly” advisor committed to helping their clients get out of the box that the big banks and Wall Street firms have built for American investors.

Whether you can come to Summit or whether are you reading this in time to take advantage of the $100 special, we hope that you'll put The Whole Truth Videos to use, helping to bust the myths of typical financial advice!

Use them to practice your own client presentations, or you can even show them directly to your clients! They come with is a 7-day money-back guarantee, we are confident that you will love the content and the quality of these videos, and will want to keep your lifetime access to them.