Truth Concepts Academy


Introducing… Truth Concepts Academy

We have created online courses with recordings from our live Truth Trainings. The courses in Truth Concepts Academy are all conducted by Todd Langford (with a little help from his lovely assistant, wife, and advisor Kim Butler). The courses in our software academy utilize screen capture technology that lets you see “over the shoulder,” and you also hear how Todd is instructing the class, including some Q and A. You’ll find three types of courses at Free “sample” courses. These are our shorter courses and the courses that cover the basic financial calculators. We decided to make them available at no cost to you so you can sample the quality of the courses at Truth Concepts Academy. Individual courses. These are our longer courses that cover a calculator in greater depth. They are all priced less than $50 each. Packages. We offer a Starter Package and an Experienced Package to give even greater value. These courses are “3-in-1” packages that include three of our individual courses to give you a quick start on some of our most popular courses at an exceptional value! And for those who “want it all” and are ready to master Truth Concepts (or review the live training you’ve completed), we have The Whole Truth Package, which includes ALL of our online trainings! You’ll save $$ over purchasing the courses individually, and you will truly be able to “Tell the Whole Truth about All Things Financial” with what you will learn. You’ll find all of our courses and packages at Simply create a profile and start learning in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office.

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