Truth Concepts Goes Online!

tc-onlineIf you've ever wanted to use Truth Concepts when you weren't near your office computer, you'll love this announcement:

We are now offering Truth Concepts Online as an optional addition to our full software package. It will let you use Truth Concepts on your tablet, ipad, laptop, even your smartphone.

We have had many requests for an online version the last couple of years, but it was too cost-prohibitive until recently. The project represented much time and effort as well as technical hurdles to make it work for various devices and keep the platform secure. However, “due to popular demand,” as they say, we have made it happen!

From now until October 15th, 2015, you can get “TC Online” at an introductory price of $299 for the first year. When the introductory price expires, TC Online will be $349 each year for both new subscribers and renewals.

We are offering TC Online as an optional annual subscription service due to a survey that indicated that some clients would use Truth Concepts Online and others would not. Therefore, we chose not to spread the cost of the service among all of our customers, rather, just those who would utilize it.

You must own Truth Concepts full software and be up-to-date with your license renewal, if beyond your first year. Truth Concepts Online is an optional service that gives you online access to the software you already own.

Follow this link ===>> to purchase or find out more on Truth Concepts Online.