Truth Quotes, Part 6

Earlier this month, we had a small AND mighty group of advisors at our Houston Truth Training. It was a great event filled with new insights on some of the latest Truth Concepts updates and material. The following are some of our favorite quotes from the event.

Guys on seesaw, with dollar sign on other end. Quotes on leverage. Truth Quotes

Quotes on Life Insurance

Todd paraphrasing Vince D'Addona: “Little money becomes big money in the presence of life insurance.”

“Insurance is not a sexy asset, but advisors keep trying to add in twists when explaining it. You don't need to. If you explain it for what it is, it should sell itself.”

“If you want to turn an expense into an asset, convert term into whole life insurance.” —Tom Wheelwright

Quotes on the Life Insurance Dividend

“[Whole life is] not just guaranteed not to lose, it's guaranteed to go up by at least a certain dollar amount.”

“The dividends are not guaranteed, but once they are paid, they are [guaranteed].”

Quotes on Leverage

“There is a big difference between interest payment and interest cost. We cannot get rid of interest cost.”

“Leverage in finance works just like leverage in physics.”

“There's no more magic in borrowing money from a life insurance company than anywhere else.”

Quotes on Personal Development

To paraphrase a paraphrase: “The answer is, when you want to grow and develop, you can't do that by doing the same thing over and over again. You have to explore.”

“We must say what we need to say with absolute clarity, or we risk hurting generations.”

Quotes on Asset Protection

“Uncertainty is what gives the certainty of life flavor. People like getting on the rollercoaster, but they still put the seatbelt on.”

“People think of protection and accumulation as separate, but with the right tool, you can have both in one asset.”

Learn More at Truth Training

To glean more insights like those above, we strongly encourage attending a Truth Training. Not only will you stay up to date on your calculator knowledge, you'll also stay at the forefront of what's happening with Truth Concepts. You'll be the first to see and learn about the latest updates, so you can start benefitting from them immediately.

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