Who comes to Truth Training?

Truth Concepts Truth Training attendees

Last week we hosted another Truth Training at the Houston Intercontinental Airport Marriott, and we had an extremely diverse group! While most attendees are insurance agents and/or financial advisors, this group of 25 attendees also included:

  • a representative from the Penumbra Fund – comprised of life settlements – that many of Kim's clients (at Partners for Prosperity, Inc.) are enjoying good results from.
  • a debt restructuring expert from Partners 4 Fiscal Fitness who helps individuals as well as corporations get out of debt.
  • an editor from the Palm Beach Letter and former Fidelity rep who walked away more convinced than ever that qualified plans are over-rated and whole life insurance is a best-kept secret (that he is actively working to share!)
  • a financial coach, writer, and therapist from Total Wealth Coaching (who took the pictures and insisted we share more about what happens at Truth Training.)
  • host of the Guide to Financial Peace radio show.
  • a dentist who is an advocate of the Infinite Banking Concept who came to gain a deeper understanding of the math behind various financial strategies.

We also had brand new agents, experienced advisors (including a JP Morgan guy who is educating himself on the whole truth about life insurance), and repeat attenders such as top producer Patrick Donahoe of Paradigm Life, who graciously shared one of his favorite sales strategies and videos.

In the past, we've had CPAs, doctors and other dentists attend, including those who want to learn more about utilizing certain financial concepts and those who are exploring career changes into financial services. Truth Training has also hosted entrepreneurs of many kinds, from business owners to real estate investors, most desiring to better analyze the profits of their own business ventures. And for financial professionals of all kinds, the networking and learning from other attendees has always been a top reason to attend.

While we spend most of our time digging into calculators, analyzing financial strategies, and learning the stories and case studies that bring the concepts to life, we also make plenty of space for networking, noshing, and fun! Wednesday evening is always a Truth Training highlight — as well as tradition! We carpool to Pappa's Seafood House for a lively dinner where new friends are made and no one goes away hungry. Additionally, attendees gather around large tables downstairs at Allie's American Grille for a tasty lunch, and typically, many meet Thursday evening in CK's Restaurant upstairs for a great view and food.

Attendees left with increased confidence in using Truth Concepts as well as additional confidence in recommending financial concepts and strategies. Advisors reported feeling more able to illustrate the concrete benefits of their recommendations to clients. One advisor described the training as “meaty.” Others reported financial “aha's.” Many reported gaining new insight and mastery in using specific calculators.

Our next Truth Training will be held May 14-16, 2014, at the IAH Marriott in Houston. Consider joining us, we'd love to see you in person!