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0 Basic Calculator For grade school math

1-5 FINANCIAL:  Future Value, Present Value, Payment, Interest Rate, & Time Period for financial math

6  INTERNAL RATE OF RETURN:  IRR for varying stream of payments and withdrawals

7  LOAN ANALYSIS:  Calculates amortization schedules, and the benefit of paying back loans under various scenarios (like comparing a 15- and a 30-year mortgage) also allows you to pay the loan back at different rates and compare 2 loan scenarios for deductible and non-deductible loans

8  BORROWING STRATEGY:  Illustrates the principles of banking (borrowing and paying back) with varying interest rates strategies and money sources

9  REVOLVING CREDIT: Enables you to prove which is the most economical way to pay down or off consumer debt.  Snowball or Avalanche or Cash Flow based methods are all demonstrable

10  MAXIMUM POTENTIAL:  Shows a person’s focus should be on saving money rather than seeking a higher rate of return as it identifies full capability, then reduces it by taxes, debt service, lifestyle and inflation

11 AUTOMOBILE PURCHASES:  Shows the “true” cost of paying cash for automobiles

12 EDUCATION COST:  Demonstrates the major impact on parent's assets and cash flow that paying for high school and/or college has; can also calculate education “need”

13 FUNDING ILLUSTRATION:  This calculator allows the user to compare life insurance illustrations (with or without loans) to an alternate investment with identical cash flows

14 REAL ESTATE ANALYSIS:  In depth real estate calculations and analysis for any investment real estate allowing you to show the actual rate of return a property is earning

15 QUALIFIED PLAN:  Graphic overview of the whole truth about qualified plans, picturing the costs to fund them, the management fees that erode them, and how ineffective the match and tax deferral really are.  It shows clients why NOT maxing out their qualified plan may be the best strategy

16 CASH FLOW:  Provides for up to 3 different and varying payment and withdrawal streams with varying annual earnings rates, shows an “average” versus “actual” ROR

17 ACCUMULATION:  Shows effectiveness of money growing (taxable, tax deferred, tax deductible and/or tax free) and it has multiple variable payment and withdrawal columns, the ability to vary the earnings rate, and the ability to add term insurance and other costs

18 DISTRIBUTION:  Shows money coming out of an account with varying interest rates.  It allows for taxable, tax deferred, tax-deductible and/or tax free accounts.  It compares 2 different strategies for distribution

19 DIVERSIFICATION:  Shows the outcome of transferring assets from savings accounts and money markets into Permanent Life Insurance and how that reduces the taxes, term insurance costs and risks along the way.  It helps clients understand how life insurance increases both their asset base while alive and the net to heirs upon death 

20 FUTURE REQUIREMENTS:  Retirement planning calculator used to show ROR necessary to have sufficient retirement income with or without consuming assets

21 TERM CONVERSION:  Demonstrates term conversion strategy over the life of the client

22 ASSET FLOW: The “all in” calculator that demonstrates any person's entire financial life.  It can be used simply with just a few assets, combined with insurance: or in a complex fashion like a Retirement Plan or a Financial Plan


23 NOTES:  This small box enables you to type notes relevant to any particular calculator and then attach that note to the calculator so when saved they come up together

24 INCOME TAX CHART:  Shows differences between marginal and average tax brackets

25 US TAX HISTORY:  Shows tax brackets from 1913 to the current year

26 U.S. CPI History: Composite percentage change from 1914 to the previous year

27 MARKET HISTORY: S&P 500 with and without dividends from 1937 to current, updated annually and Dow Jones Industrial from 1901 to current, updated annually.  On all three columns, you can get an average and an actual as well as the year by year historical return

28 LIFE EXPECTANCY TABLES:  2001 (the most recent year available) male and female (single and joint life), standard, preferred and super preferred, both smoker and non-smoker, tells the whole truth about longevity: the longer you live, the longer you'll live. You can compare two side-by-side or look at the percentage chance both will be alive or just see the life expectancy of a certain age

29 SIDE BY SIDE: Visualize and prove a variety of comparisons in this flexible tool which can incorporate Life Values, Accumulation, Cash Flow, Distribution, & Qualified Plan Calculators

30 LIFE INSURANCE VALUES:  Enables uploading of illustration values (via copy and paste) to this tool which then calculates IRR and ROR of cash value and death benefit and then gives you the ability to pull that information into other calculators

31 PRINTING:  Each calculator can be printed and copied into a Word document or an email to share with clients.  Additionally if you have a large calculator on screen with a small one over it, that combo can be printed under File, Screen Capture

32 OCR to PDF Converter: Take a picture with your cell phone of any Life Insurance Illustration and the Converter will switch it to a PDF so that you can copy and paste it into the Life Values Tool

33 Virtual Keyboard: Helpful when using TC on a tablet via Remote Desktop feature (since Tablets cannot do the mathematical computations as they are not technically computers

34 Move all TC to Primary Display: Helpful when using 2 or 3 screens and sharing TCdata files