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Our tutorials “demo” some of our most popular calculators and are also perfect for a quick review. For more comprehensive instruction, please see Truth Training and Truth Concepts Academy.

Life Insurance Values Tutorial
(Todd Langford – 13m 22s)

How to use the Life Insurance Value Tool to reduce time cutting and pasting life insurance illustration data to show “the whole truth” about life insurance.

Loan Analysis
(Todd Langford – 12m 24s)

How to use the Loan Analysis, for instance, in creating amortization schedules.

Qualified Plan
(Todd Langford – 12m 23s)

How to use the Qualified Plan Calculator to show the whole truth about what happens to money in a qualified plan, including taxes, fees, etc.

Real Estate
(Todd Langford – 10m 12s)

How to analyze investment returns on real estate, and an example of using life insurance to purchase an investment properity.

Funding Calculator
(Todd Langford – 11m 46s)

How to use the Funding Calculator to demonstrate strategies using life insurance.

Auto Calculator
(Todd Langford – 4m 14s)

How to use the Auto Calculator to compare paying cash for a car with borrowing for a car, showing how we either “pay up” or pass up” interest costs.

Borrowing Calculator
(Todd Langford – 9m 43s)

Analyzing the impact of borrowing to fund vehicle purchases.

Financial Calculators
(Todd Langford – 12m 24s)

Demonstrates how to use the Truth Concepts financial calculators.

Diversification Calculator
(Todd Langford – 6m 51s)

Analyzing the impact of borrowing to fund vehicle purchases.

Some of the tutorials above have been transcribed, you’ll find transcriptions here.


Tutorial 02 – Asset Flow Calculator – Earned Inc – SS – 401k – Tax Story

Tutorial 03 – Asset Flow Calculator – Distribution Comparison

Tutorial 04 – – Asset Flow Calculator – FIA Income Rider Story Tutorial

Tutorial 05 – – Asset Flow Calculator – Tie in Multiple Accounts – Overall Summary

Tutorial 06 – – Asset Flow Calculator – New Cash Flow Tab on the Summary




Please also see the Truth Concepts YouTube Channel
for more training and demonstration videos!


PRESENTATIONS by Todd Langford

The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors, 2014

2012 Think Tank
(Todd Langford – 1hr 5m)
Todd’s presentation at the 2012 Think Tank for advisors and agents, with many great examples.

1:00-3:00: Todd Langford’s Introduction from David Stearns
3:01-10:00: Funding Calculator, comparing cash value with other investments
10:01-17:29: Conversation about Equity Indexed Universal Life
17:30-19:29: “Ned” movie clip
19:30-24:29: Investing at 6% with a Loan at 8%, and BETTER options!
24:30-26:59: Pizza Story – “Where does the dollar go?”
27:00-30:29: Truth and Statistics
30:30-45:29: Borrowing Strategies
45:30-1:01:29: Real Estate – Measuring Rate of Return on investment property.
1:01:30-1:04:00 Wrap Up.

2013 Think Tank
(Todd Langford – 41m)
Todd’s presentation at the 2013 Think Tank for advisors and agents, with many great examples.

0:00-2:04: Intro: There are no deals in the life insurance industry.
2:05-3:56: To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink suggests we ask: “compared to what?”
3:57-6:39: Numbers v. Real Life
06:40-14:39: Getting Clear that PUA’s are best continued if possible
14:40-23:59: Funding Calculator measuring the effectiveness of whole life “compared to…”
24:00-27:26: Page 65 from Nelson Nash’s Becoming your Own Banker book
27:27-35:54: Words are Important – Guarantees
35:55-40:24: Q/A covering IRR and Annual ROR

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