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Confidently Demonstrate
Financial Concepts So
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Truth Concepts™ provides you with the software, training and resources that allow you to easily walk your clients through almost any financial scenario

What Can Truth Concepts™ Software Do For You?

Help your clients measure and understand the importance of opportunity costs when considering mortgages, educating children, or paying cash for major purchases

Allows you to demonstrate the impact of costs such as taxes and fees on 401(k)s and other investments

Easily compare and contrast investments with other investments, or with life insurance policies

“Test” your recommendations before making them, to give you confidence that you are recommending the best solutions

Gives you the ability to respond to virtually any client question with a mathematical answer relevant to their situation.

Clearly show your clients the relationship of various assets together as well as the way cash flows through, to, and from all the assets in their life

What Other People are Saying

“Truth Concepts™ has given us the tools to educate on concepts that historically we’ve done through our investment ledgers or white board. The software allows us to tell the story, share our concept, and put truth to the numbers.”

Bryan Repple

“I have become so dependent on my Truth Concepts software that I simply cannot function as a responsible advisor without access to it.”

Wayne Durksen

“I’m new in the industry so the calculators have been completely priceless to helping me verify for people what the long-term outcomes are for their financial future, depending on where they store their money.”

Marty Becker

More Than Software. Truth Concepts™ is Your Source for Business Building Solutions

“I marvel at the fact that each calculator includes so many options to illustrate multiple circumstances. I also appreciate Todd’s stories (how to talk to clients) which make the calculators “come alive” for the client, and for me!

“Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge and expertise along with the software. All of this provides great value for all of us, worth much more than our cost of software and attending training sessions.”

Frank Cherniawski, Wealth Management Institute

Position Yourself As the Go-To Financial Expert for Your Clients