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Truth Concepts™ software is comprised of over 30 user-friendly calculators and tools that help you communicate how money and wealth accumulation really work. See the list at right, and click on each to find out more. (More are on the way, we are constantly adding and updating!)

The software provides a “Visual Storyboard” to show clients the impact of various choices in any area of finance, such as mortgage (loan analysis), mutual funds (accumulation), life insurance (funding), car buying (automobile), and much more.

Why Truth Concepts™software?

  • Truth Concepts™ offers your clients a FULL view of their personal economy, not simply their “portfolio.” The calculators demonstrate the effects of COSTS — such as debt, taxation, even opportunity costs — as well as GAINS in wealth-building. Additionally, our whole life insurance calculator lets you compare the efficiency of a wide range of financial strategies with insight, and accuracy.
  • Nothing but the Truth: Truth Concepts™ calculators are objective. Our core philosophy to educate drives our software, and unlike many products available, we have created a product that provides an accurate, balanced analysis. The calculators and tools let you educate with 100% transparency, providing snapshots of the costs associated with any gain and offering clients a true look “behind the curtain.”
  • An invaluable educational tool: Truth Concepts™ enhances communication with your clients, helping you discuss concepts and illustrate essential principles. It lends itself to educational presentations and also allows you to address your client's questions and concerns.
  • Empowered clients: Once you show your clients exactly how money works, you'll increase trust and be able to help them accelerate progress towards their financial goals. Truth Concepts™ lets you give clients the information they need to choose effectively and act decisively. The result is an informed and connected client who will return and refer for years to come.
  • User friendly: With functionality in mind, Truth Concepts™ was designed to be flexible and easily navigated. Customizable screens and graphics allow you to create unique presentations for your clients. Data entry and storage are seamless and allow you to duplicate, save and transfer information quickly, and present realistic projections for a wide variety of client scenarios.

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