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Show Your Clients the Massive Benefits of Whole Life Insurance With Real, Mathematical PROOF!

Truth Concepts™ Software has built-in Whole Life Insurance calculators which use numbers and facts to help your clients see the power of Whole Life…making them confident in YOU and your recommendations.

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Here Are A Few Examples Using Our Whole Life Insurance Calculator…

Funding Illustration Calculator

Help clients understand that permanent life insurance may be more efficient than a savings account.

This whole life insurance calculator helps you compare savings and income strategies rooted in whole life to the performance of other assets. This can help clients see how saving into a whole life insurance policy can help them with their long-term financial strategy. They'll be able to see for themselves how whole life insurance performs better than a savings account, and even how it performs against term insurance.

For example: 
Your savings account would have to earn  X % to equal the same cash value (if term costs and annual taxes are included).

Diversification Calculator

Help clients evaluate the impact of diversifying their assets with life insurance.

Show clients the impact that life insurance can have on their overall portfolio. Instead of either investments or whole life insurance, they can have both. Life insurance helps them to build functional savings and accumulate assets, and it also optimizes existing assets. The diversification calculator shows them the truth of the matter.

One way to use this whole life insurance calculator: Some advisors use the Diversification calculator to demonstrate how moving assets out of taxable accounts or very low-earning savings accounts might generate more spendable retirement income for clients without compromising the legacy they intend to leave for heirs.

Borrowing Strategy Calculator

Help clients create a borrowing or “banking” strategy

Help your clients understand what it means and the potential benefits to having their own “bank.” It can be hard for clients to understand cash value accounts and policy loans, because they can't visualize what it actually means to be their own banker. Borrowing Strategy Calculator allows you to show them, clearly, the benefits of leveraging their whole life insurance, compared to other lending institutions.

For example:
How could alternative funding sources for big ticket items enable one to be more effective with their money than if they borrowed from a commercial bank?  

Answer: A whole life insurance policy with a loan rate of 6% (and an optional direct recognition reduction of 1%) with a market loan rate of 10% shown paying the policy loan back at the full 10% rather than paying the alternate market source at 10% would create more wealth in the policy than the policy by itself without the loan.

These are just a few examples of whole life insurance calculators that you can use to impress upon your clients the benefits of whole life insurance over simple term insurance.

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