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The Human Life Value Approach and the Fallacy of “Needs Analysis”

It’s not uncommon for the Human Life Value approach to be written off as “overkill.” Clients either believe that buying insurance up to their full human life value (HLV) is simply too much money for their heirs, or the number doesn’t seem real. This approach, however, is actually incredibly important for your clients.  Consider this: Would you buy a $50,000 car yet only insure it for $30,000 because you only NEEDED a $30,000 car? No, you wouldn’t dream of doing so–you’d be shortchanging yourself.  And yet, this happens in the

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Can You Save More with a 30-Year Mortgage, Refinanced Every 10 Years?

What’s the major reason that people want to have their house paid off? In most cases, people fear a scenario where they can’t pay their mortgage, so they spend more money up front. Too often, this puts them in the scenario they were trying to avoid. It all comes down to control, and a 30-year mortgage simply gives you more control.  We’re going to run an experiment here, and see how you can actually save more money in your own pockets. Setting Up in Loan Analysis To begin, pull up

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How to Demonstrate the Laffer Curve in Cash Flow

Is it possible to reduce taxes by lowering the tax rate? Let’s talk about the Laffer Curve. This theory, posited by Alfred Laffer during the Reagan Era of tax reduction, may hold more water than you’d think. This is a great exercise for webinars where you’re helping clients understand taxes better (and why they should seek to save on that tax bill as much as possible). What is the Laffer Curve? The Laffer Curve theory, as Investopedia explains, is the theory that as tax rates increase, people become dis-incentivized to

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Education Calculator Vs. Cash Flow—Which Should You Use?

The Truth Concepts suite is designed to be versatile, and some demonstrations can be done on multiple calculators. One of the primary reasons is because sometimes the work you do behind the scenes isn’t the best way for a client to visualize. For starters, you want to avoid overwhelming clients when you’re building a Prosperity Economics foundation. After all, typical financial planning is a much different approach.  Secondly, some clients are more analytical than others. While a number-heavy chart may be ideal for one client, another client might find the

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Truth Concepts on

New Truth Concepts Client Presentations! We’ve been busy loading up our Truth Concepts YouTube channel  with videos for you! Now there are 15 videos featuring Todd Langford and/or Truth Concepts software. The YouTube channel houses our Truth Concepts, Truth Concepts Academy, and Summit videos, as well as several presentation videos and  Banking for Life excerpts and outtakes with Todd Langford. Eight of the newer videos are from a client event at a local insurance brokerage. We recorded and “screen captured” Todd’s presentations and divided it up by topic. (FYI, Todd’s

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Average Does Not Equal Actual

Average Rates of Return are often touted by financial experts, and yet simple math can show us that Average does not equal Actual. Pretend that you invested $100,000 into a mutual fund that had promised an average rate of return of 25% if you left the money alone for 2 years. In the first year it earned 100%. After the first year, the investment would look like this: In the second year, the fund earned -50% (that is a negative 50%) and so now your investment looks like this: While your

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