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Truth Concepts Goes Online!

If you’ve ever wanted to use Truth Concepts when you weren’t near your office computer, you’ll love this announcement: We are now offering Truth Concepts Online as an optional addition to our full software package. It will let you use Truth Concepts on your tablet, ipad, laptop, even your smartphone. We have had many requests for an online version the last couple of years, but it was too cost-prohibitive until recently. The project represented much time and effort as well as technical hurdles to make it work for various devices

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Beyond Rates of Return

In my conversations with advisors, I get all kinds of questions relating to the potential returns of financial vehicle “A” (investment, savings vehicle, insurance policy or property) versus financial vehicle “B.” Of course, that’s what financial software DOES, yet sometimes, it seems we don’t have all of the factors – numerical and otherwise – in the equation. At times, advisors become too focused on the trees to see the forest. (This is especially important when there is a threat of a forest fire!) Truth Concepts calculators excel at helping advisors

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The Truth Concepts Blog
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Welcome to the Truth Concepts Blog. We’re delighted you are here! You’ll find many examples and tips for using Truth Concepts in our posts, along with other helpful information you can use in your business. Have you heard about our Free Ten-Day Trial? Click here for details. Looking for something in particular? Check out the Categories in the Menu on the right. Click on a Category to view posts relating to that topic or Truth Concepts calculator. The “Truth Tips” category is for quick tips and updates on various calculators. Please note

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