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Truth Tip, Summary and Interpolate in Life Insurance Values

The Life Insurance Values tool (or simply Life Values) is one of the most valuable tools in the Truth Concepts suite. With it, you can upload your life insurance illustrations and use that data in other calculators such as Asset Flow, Diversification, Funding, and more.  You may not know that there are some interesting things you can do in the Life Values tool directly that may help you with your behind-the-scenes work. Using the Summary Button in Life Insurance Values Life Values allows you to input up to 6 permanent

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The New OCR File Converter

Introducing the newest feature to our beta software, Truth Concepts 3.0: the OCR File Converter. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. In fact, this feature may make inputting your life insurance values easier than ever. This new feature will allow you to turn pictures and scans into copyable PDFs, right from the Truth Concepts software. No more difficult formatting, or even inputting illustrations by hand simply because your PDF won’t allow you to copy. One great example of this type of file is a PDF you may get from

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Truth Tip, Life Insurance Values

Importing illustrations into Life Insurance Values properly is essential to getting the most from the Truth Concepts software. The importing process will look different from carrier to carrier. Some insurance carriers will export illustrations into a PDF, some will export into an Excel spreadsheet. No matter how the insurance company operates, there’s a way to import your illustrations. Supported Companies for Importing Illustrations Currently, only certain file-types of illustrations are supported. It’s important to note which is which, so you can import illustrations with ease. Here are the carriers and

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Importing Life Insurance Values: Lafayette Life

Before you can use the suite of Truth Concepts calculators, you’ll want to make sure you’ve imported your life insurance data in the Life Insurance Values, under the “Tools” drop-down menu. With recent updates to both Truth Concepts and Lafayette Life, the process for importing life insurance data from this particular life insurance company has changed. Read on for a step-by-step walkthrough of the new process. 1.Open your Lafayette Life Online Illustration Application. Proceed as you would normally by inputting all pertinent information into the software. 2. Export. Press the

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Are Banks Safe? The Top Alternative to Saving in a Bank

Where are you storing your cash? What are the implications of that choice? Because when it comes to liquidity, growth, and certainty—banks might not be your best bet. We suggest adding cash value insurance to your financial strategy. The Importance of Cash You’ve heard the phrase, “Cash is King.” What it suggests is that cash, and cash flow, are more valuable than any other investment tools.  The phrase itself is widely used in the world of finance, but we think that it applies a little differently. When it comes to your money,

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