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Do PUAs Grow Less Efficient Over Time?

As you know, in the early months and years of a whole life policy, the PUAs are more efficient than the base premium as far as generating cash value for the policy. While the base premium alone can take years to generate a positive internal rate of return where cash value is concerned, the PUAs are converted to cash value right away, which increases the efficiency of the policy overall.

However, after 5-7 years of funding a whole life policy, the impact of the PUAs appears to lessen. Illustrations of a policy funded with maximum PUAs vs. no PUAs at all show that, several years into the policy, the PUAs no longer have a dramatic affect on the internal rate of return of the policy.

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How to Calculate the Cost of Monthly Life Insurance Premiums

How do you calculate the cost of monthly life insurance premiums instead of paying annually? The answer isn’t quite as simple as dividing by 12, because as you know, paying a premium at an annual rate actually saves you some costs. That’s why, to be more precise, we use a Rate Calculator to find the “hidden” costs” of monthly debit charges. Using the Rate Calculator to Find the Costs Once you have your Rate Calculator, put the annual premium in the Present Value as a negative number (which changes it

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How Do You Calculate the Rate of Return on a Real Estate Deal?

One of the great benefits of using the Real Estate Calculator is that it automatically calculates the Net Cash Out, as well as the resulting Rate of Return. All you or the client must do is plug in the numbers, and you’ll see how good your deal is.  However, there’s a difference between seeing the results for yourself and verifying them through your own analysis. One of my favorite ways to demonstrate this in Truth Training is using the Rate Calculator. This simple calculator allows you to plug in variables

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Analyzing Interest Rates: When Is 2.99% More Than 5%?

When analyzing deals, you must pay attention to more than the interest rates alone. In the past few weeks, GM published an offer for a 2020 Escalade. The offer was either for 2.99% APR, or a $9,500 rebate. Is the offer all it’s cracked up to be? Let’s find out. The MSRP, or sticker price, of the Escalade is $76,490. The Dealer was offering it at a $1,500 discount. So $74,934. In order to get a full understanding of the difference between these two deals, we’ll use the Loan Analysis

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Using the Truth Concepts App

The new Truth Concepts app has launched, providing an opportunity for anyone to make financial calculations at their fingertips. The beauty of the app is that you can use it on the go, which means you’ll have easy access to it when you’re buying a car, looking at loan options, or making other big financial decisions. This is an app that empowers anyone making financial decisions and is available to everyone. The new app carries our five basic financial calculators: Present Value, Future Value, Periods, Payments, and Interest Rates. We’re

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