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How To Show Your Clients the True Cost of College

The Education Calculator is a tool that illustrates the true cost of college to your clients and creates the basis of a savings model. The numbers may seem straightforward, but the calculator allows you to factor in the yearly rate of increase in tuition and interest on student loans. It is simple to toggle between student information or parent information, which illustrates the base cost and the amount needed to be saved by the parents. The calculator can accommodate the information of up to ten children, making the total cost

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The Four-Year Plan

The Growing Cost of College Isn’t Usually This Funny… Unfortunately, the four-year “plan” for most college students is to take out a lot of student loans and graduate without a workable strategy for getting OUT of debt (or out of the house!) This too-true video is hilarious, though it may hit a little too close to home for some… Feel free to share this page, or click through on the YouTube icon or on this link to watch it on YouTube. Click below to see the video: Use the

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