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5 Funny Financial Literacy Videos

If you’ve attended a Truth Training, you know we like to share some videos along the way. Rather than strictly educational, we aim for some comedic relief with an honest punchline. It helps to break up the long days while still being valuable. We’ve compiled our favorite funny financial literacy videos here. That way you can share with family, friends, clients, or anyone else you can think of. In particular, we think these videos can be useful to share with clients to break the ice on tough-to-discuss topics, like college

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How to Use a Financial Calculator as a Trusted Advisor

What is the purpose of the Truth Concepts calculators? On the surface, the answer to this question may seem simple enough. The purpose is to mathematically prove financial concepts and strategies. Yet there is a deeper application and use that we find to be just as crucial. If you want to learn how to use a financial calculator as a trusted advisor, read on.  The Purpose of Truth Concepts The primary purpose of Truth Concepts is to show the mathematical proof of certain financial strategies. Todd noticed that many financial

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Truth Quotes, Part 5

The time has come for another round-up of quotes from Todd Langford, and some others, that we’ve gathered during our last Truth Training and TC 360 in 60 sessions. We hope these quotes inspire you on your journey to seek the Truth, and help clients do the same with their finances. (Quotes are from Todd Langford unless otherwise noted.) Quotes on Financial Math “If the numbers are right, they don’t matter. If the numbers are wrong, they don’t matter.” “The point is, calculators can calculate numbers, but they cannot calculate

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6 Ways to Prepare for Truth Training in Houston

Truth Training can be an incredible time to learn the Calculators directly from Todd, as well as benefit from a room of like-minded people. It’s for this reason that we decided to include an annual Truth Training ticket with your TC 360 membership: because it gives you every opportunity to get in the room and make major progress.  We also recognize that Truth Training can still take some time and preparation, even WITH a ticket. So we want to make that prep work as streamlined as possible. That way, on

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How to Build Trust and Make Sales

Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach recently posted on LinkedIn:  “My definition of selling is two-fold.The First part is that you intellectually engage the person you’re selling to with a future desirable result, something that would be an improvement or achievement in their life. And it’s not what you want for them—it’s what they want for themselves. The second part is that you then enable them to emotionally commit to that goal and then to courageously take action to move forward and achieve the goal. And if you do both of those

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Truth Quotes, Part 4

As we wrap up the first Truth Training of 2021, and the last one in the current Paradigm Life building (they’re moving locations), it feels fitting to add another round of quotes. We’re fortunate to work with some of the brightest minds in the business, and we love sharing nuggets for those minds who could not attend. Or those who could and want to review! Unless otherwise noted, quotes are from Todd. Quotes on Truth “We all want to be right. If you’re really seeking Truth, you have to be willing

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