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The Basic Limitations of Financial Planning and Forecasting

The numbers don’t lie, or so the saying goes. While this is the simplest turn of phrase, it’s not exactly the whole truth. It’s not necessarily the numbers that are the issue, but the interpretation and application of the numbers. This just so happens to be one of the primary limitations of financial planning and forecasting, in general.  Financial Planning Issues to Consider The thing about the typical financial planning industry is that projections and math are used to show people idealistic scenarios without all the proper contexts. For example,

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Prosperity Proof #5: The Truth About Qualified Plans

In this final prosperity proof, we’re going to cover one of the most misunderstood financial vehicles: qualified plans. Job seekers today are taught to look for companies that offer qualified plans with an employer match–“It’s free money!” Plenty of financial advisors advocate for qualified plans, and plenty of clients funnel as much money as they can into said plans. While qualified plans are not bad, they cannot be considered a savings vehicle, or even the most viable retirement plan, when you consider the facts. When you look at the facts,

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Truth Tip: Comparing Taxable vs. Tax-Deferred Accounts

We received this excellent question from a Truth Concepts user this week: Q. I am trying to do a comparison between using a qualified plan and a non-qualified plan.  I understand pretty well how to use the Qualified Plan calculator, however I want to show an “apples to apples comparison” assuming everything else is equal i.e. ROR, management fee, etc., but with the client paying taxes each year on their investment gains, so that at retirement the money they have to spend is tax free. A. That will be easiest

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Truth Tip, Qualified Plan

To get spread sheet detail, turn on “term ins. and emp. cost” button. (This works whether or not you have term insurance or employee costs that you wish to add.) Close anytime (top left corner of spreadsheet) and to view again, click button again and then “inputs.”

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Truth Concepts on

New Truth Concepts Client Presentations! We’ve been busy loading up our Truth Concepts YouTube channel  with videos for you! Now there are 15 videos featuring Todd Langford and/or Truth Concepts software. The YouTube channel houses our Truth Concepts, Truth Concepts Academy, and Summit videos, as well as several presentation videos and  Banking for Life excerpts and outtakes with Todd Langford. Eight of the newer videos are from a client event at a local insurance brokerage. We recorded and “screen captured” Todd’s presentations and divided it up by topic. (FYI, Todd’s

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Truth Concepts is Busting the Retirement Lies!

When you think about it, isn’t the concept of retirement just ABSURD!? It’s absurd to think that making a growing segment of our population LESS productive (through forced or expected retirements), that there will somehow be more for everyone. It’s absurd for 95% of Americans to believe they can work and save for 40 years, then expect to live off of their savings and investments – in the manner to which they’ve become accustomed – for another 20, 30, even 40 years. We know that for most Americans, the math

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