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How to Use a Financial Calculator as a Trusted Advisor

What is the purpose of the Truth Concepts calculators? On the surface, the answer to this question may seem simple enough. The purpose is to mathematically prove financial concepts and strategies. Yet there is a deeper application and use that we find to be just as crucial. If you want to learn how to use a financial calculator as a trusted advisor, read on.  The Purpose of Truth Concepts The primary purpose of Truth Concepts is to show the mathematical proof of certain financial strategies. Todd noticed that many financial

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Inflation-Proof Your Money: The Power of Measuring Backwards

Is it possible to completely inflation-proof your money and assets? Inflation is the “silent tax” that affects everyone’s money in some capacity. Because inflation represents the purchasing power of money, it’s an economic phenomenon that doesn’t discriminate. By this, we mean that there’s no way to come out unaffected. It is, however, possible to run (or even outpace) inflation.  What does this mean? If you want your dollars to have more impact, you have to have more dollars. The answer to the problem of inflation is simply to earn more

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Can Clients Actually Benefit from Inflation?

Merriam-Webster defines inflation as the continuing rise in prices, usually caused by an increasing volume of money in the economy. This means that purchasing power decreases over time. Gas and groceries are time-tested examples. In the 1950s, a gallon of gas or a loaf of bread cost under a dollar. Now, a dollar simply does not buy the same volume of goods as it used to. Inflation can, unfortunately, be considered an inevitable part of the economy. This is one reason that as financial advisors it’s crucial to look at

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A New Way to Calculate Opportunity Cost in Loan Analysis

If you use the Loan Analysis calculator, you’re likely familiar with the “Loan View” provision. This enables you to do a side-by-side comparison of two loans, or view each loan individually. In the latest update of the Truth Concepts software, you’ll now see a third button: “Opportunity Cost.”  The function of this button is to more clearly show what Todd has demonstrated in his comparison of a 15-year vs. 30-year mortgage. That is, you cannot separate the analysis from the time value of money.  In previous demonstrations, Todd has used

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Finding the Best Deal in Real Estate Analysis

Whether you’re an amateur or long-time veteran, a smart real estate deal always starts with research. So how do you properly analyze a real estate deal? Whether you’re looking at a residential property, or an investment, don’t go in without doing your due diligence. That’s where the Real Estate Analysis calculator comes in.  Let’s start with a real world example. A couple, after making some wise decisions about their financial strategy, had some available capital to do with what they liked. And when you’re in a position of cash, opportunity

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