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3 Non-Financial Assets Clients Can Pass Down

Different stages of life mean different stages of financial advice. And while many advisors do a great job of educating clients on financial products and assets, there’s something to be said about the “non-financial” assets that clients can accumulate. As an advisor, speaking with your clients about their desires can go a long way in building a financial mindset beyond dollar signs. We want to take it a step further. You can help your clients live a richer life and pass down a legacy in a way that transcends money. 

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The Power of Liquidity: Capitalizing with Cash

(Adapted from an article originally published on Please feel free to share this page at with clients, or see the Content4Clients program for content marketing resources you can use for your own website.) “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” – Bobby Unser, Indianapolis 500 Champion Are you locking up your assets, or keeping them liquid? Do you have access to cash on demand? The answer may be influencing your prosperity more than you realize. Most investors focus on the ROI of an investment or a savings vehicle.

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The Truth About Whole Life Insurance Rates of Return

“Is Whole Life Insurance a Good Investment?” Perhaps no question has generated as much controversy on financial blogs and forums as this one. “Typical” advisors and the media-hyped financial gurus say, “Stay away from whole life insurance!” Meanwhile, many passionate agents and advisors try in vain to correct the misconceptions, sometimes stating their own misconceptions, or irritating others who believe their unbridled enthusiasm is motivated only by commissions. Indeed, The White Coat Investor website’s most popular post on whole life insurance (written by a self-appointed, unlicensed financial “expert” who is

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Beyond Rates of Return

In my conversations with advisors, I get all kinds of questions relating to the potential returns of financial vehicle “A” (investment, savings vehicle, insurance policy or property) versus financial vehicle “B.” Of course, that’s what financial software DOES, yet sometimes, it seems we don’t have all of the factors – numerical and otherwise – in the equation. At times, advisors become too focused on the trees to see the forest. (This is especially important when there is a threat of a forest fire!) Truth Concepts calculators excel at helping advisors

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