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Gross vs. Net Dividends: How Truth Concepts Can Help

Dividends are a tough topic—from defining a dividend, to options for receiving dividends. Dividends also work differently with whole life insurance than they do with stocks. So where do you start when working with a client? It is crucial to know the difference between gross dividends and net dividends. When mutual companies make a profit, they are required by law to distribute those profits amongst all owners. Policy owners of participating whole life insurance are considered partial owners of the life insurance company, and are therefore able to partake in the

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7 Ways To Use The Death Benefit

  In this recent presentation, Truth Concepts™ did for The National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys we demonstrate how to determine the rate of return on the cash value of a policy as well as take you through the 7 ways to use the death benefit. This is also a good tutorial on the use of the Funding, Diversification and Distribution calculators.  

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Busting the Life Insurance Lies

We’re Launching a New Book… and It’s Our Gift! My wife, Kim Butler, and our friend, Jack Burns, have joined forces to write what just may be the definitive book about whole life insurance: Busting the Life Insurance Lies: 38 Myths and Misconceptions that Sabotage Your Wealth. This book is written for every American who’s gotten conflicting advice on life insurance from their insurance advisor, financial planner, and the financial “gurus” on TV and radio: “Is life insurance a bad investment? Shouldn’t I just make a bundle and invest it

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The Truth About Whole Life Insurance Rates of Return

“Is Whole Life Insurance a Good Investment?” Perhaps no question has generated as much controversy on financial blogs and forums as this one. “Typical” advisors and the media-hyped financial gurus say, “Stay away from whole life insurance!” Meanwhile, many passionate agents and advisors try in vain to correct the misconceptions, sometimes stating their own misconceptions, or irritating others who believe their unbridled enthusiasm is motivated only by commissions. Indeed, The White Coat Investor website’s most popular post on whole life insurance (written by a self-appointed, unlicensed financial “expert” who is

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Truth Concepts on

New Truth Concepts Client Presentations! We’ve been busy loading up our Truth Concepts YouTube channel  with videos for you! Now there are 15 videos featuring Todd Langford and/or Truth Concepts software. The YouTube channel houses our Truth Concepts, Truth Concepts Academy, and Summit videos, as well as several presentation videos and  Banking for Life excerpts and outtakes with Todd Langford. Eight of the newer videos are from a client event at a local insurance brokerage. We recorded and “screen captured” Todd’s presentations and divided it up by topic. (FYI, Todd’s

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Steps for the First Truth Concepts Meeting with a Client

Bold italics are the client’s answers I’m glad we get some time together today.  We are going to be using software to numerically prove the truth about how money works as it grows and to discover the most efficient way to get your money to work as hard as it can.  Before we begin I have a few questions. If we were meeting here 3 years from today, what has to have happened for you to feel pleased with your progress? I’d like to have my money working harder for

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Asset Flow Master Class, March 2023 | Gain confidence in helping clients meet lifelong finance objectives.