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How to Calculate the Cost of Monthly Life Insurance Premiums

How do you calculate the cost of monthly life insurance premiums instead of paying annually? The answer isn’t quite as simple as dividing by 12, because as you know, paying premium at an annual rate actually saves you some costs. That’s why, to be more precise, we use a Rate Calculator to find the “hidden” costs.” Using the Rate Calculator to Find the Costs Once you have your Rate Calculator, put the annual premium in the Present Value as a negative number (which changes it to Loan Balance) since the

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Is Convertible Term Life Insurance Worth It?

In the life insurance space, we spend a lot of time talking about whole life insurance vs. term insurance, or whole life vs. universal life insurance. We spend so much time, in fact, that we forget to talk about convertible term insurance. As whole-life-friendly advisors, of course, we know that there’s tremendous value in that asset. However, many people are asking: Is convertible term life insurance worth it? And to that, we want to offer a resounding YES. The Importance of Human Life Value The human life value approach to

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The Human Life Value Approach and the Fallacy of “Needs Analysis”

It’s not uncommon for the Human Life Value approach to be written off as “overkill.” Clients either believe that buying insurance up to their full human life value (HLV) is simply too much money for their heirs, or the number doesn’t seem real. This approach, however, is actually incredibly important for your clients.  Consider this: Would you buy a $50,000 car yet only insure it for $30,000 because you only NEEDED a $30,000 car? No, you wouldn’t dream of doing so–you’d be shortchanging yourself.  And yet, this happens in the

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IRS Rule 7702 Updates, and Whole Life Insurance

At the beginning of the year, the tax law surrounding life insurance policies was shifted. Now, as we approach 2022, all life insurance companies will be shifting new policies to reflect these changes to IRS rule 7702. We’re here to break down what’s happening, and how it will affect the business you write. MEC Limits and Section 7702 7702 refers to the section of the IRS tax codes enacted in 1984, that outlines how life insurance should be treated from a tax standpoint. The most important point of the code

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No Deals in the Life Insurance Industry

“There are no deals in the life insurance industry…” This quote, more perhaps than any other, is something we must take to heart when we work with clients. Not because it’s “sexy,” but because it’s true. The more we try to glamorize the life insurance industry, the greater disservice we do to what life insurance can do—and the more we risk confusing clients. The truth is that there’s no magic. Life insurance doesn’t grow money out of thin air, nor does it eliminate interest, or allow you to pay yourself

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The Whole Truth About Direct Recognition vs. Non-Direct Recognition

When trying to explain policy loans, and Direct Recognition vs. Non-Direct Recognition life insurance companies, we like to begin with a discussion of ownership. In a mutual insurance company, policyholders are the owners of the company. Whole life insurance is not like car insurance, home insurance, or other types of property insurance where you funnel money in and may never see it again. Yet life insurance frequently gets lumped together with all other insurance by agents and clients alike.  Helping a client to understand that they’re an owner of the

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