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New Truth Concepts Client Presentations! We’ve been busy loading up our Truth Concepts YouTube channel  with videos for you! Now there are 15 videos featuring Todd Langford and/or Truth Concepts software. The YouTube channel houses our Truth Concepts, Truth Concepts Academy, and Summit videos, as well as several presentation videos and  Banking for Life excerpts and outtakes with Todd Langford. Eight of the newer videos are from a client event at a local insurance brokerage. We recorded and “screen captured” Todd’s presentations and divided it up by topic. (FYI, Todd’s

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How do I tell if my Real Estate deal is a “good one”?

You’ve got to learn how to analyze the ROI of a real estate deal! Inside software is a one page Real Estate Analysis Calculator that enables you to put in simple information and get a ROR on your invested dollars. It does require you to set a time frame and you’ll want to know some detail. So let’s look at a $200,000 deal that we actually bought for $200,000. Remember the price and the value are not always the same.  We’ll identify $5000 for closing costs, a land value (since only

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