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Tutorial Transcriptions

Borrowing Calculator Tutorial 9m 43s Transcript

So let’s look at something a little different here, and let’s go to the borrowing strategy, here if we take the borrowing strategy and let’s look out over 30 years, no present value dollars, let’s put in 10,000 dollar a year. Okay, so what we see over this time is $300,000   so let’s start with understanding the shoe box for just a minute and if we have this shoe b… Continue Reading

Tutorial Life Insurance Values

Hello and welcome to a tutorial on a new Truth Concepts tool called Life Insurance Values.  Todd Langford will show how you can use the Life Insurance Values tool to cut down the time you spend copying and pasting information into the Truth Concepts calculators and drastically show the whole truth about life insurance.  Go ahead Todd. The new tool is called Life InsuraContinue Reading

Borrowing Strategy Calculator Tutorial

This Todd Langford  going  over the Truth Concepts calculator called the borrowing strategy.   What we are going to be showing today is the power of having the client pay themselves, just like they would the bank.  We’ll use a car loan as an example that is borrowed against the savings account and take a look at that versus marketplace loans like you’d receive from a… Continue Reading

Truth Concepts Tutorial Automobile Purchase

To open the automobile purchase calculator double click on the TC icon.  This gives you a menu bar which you can move to another screen if using multiple screens or place it where is most convenient.   You can also resize calculators as you open them to view them comfortably.  To do so, click on the calculator and move cursor to bottom pull down and drag to make t… Continue Reading

Financial Calculators Tutorial

Financial Calculators Tutorial by Norman Baker: Here is a short tutorial on the financial calculators in Truth Concepts.  Future Value, Present Value, Payment, Interest Rate and Time Period Calculator.  I can size the calculator by moving my cursor to the edge bottom or side and stretching.  I can make it as big as I want to or reduce to an icon.  I can memorize the sh… Continue Reading