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Truth Tip, Adjusting Numbers in Columns

The Truth Tips below can help you in all calculators, yet only in columns or cells that you can edit. You can distinguish editable cells because they are underlined in blue. When you double-click or highlight and right-click these blue cells, you will be able to make changes to the numbers, formulas, and more. Examples of times you might edit cells would be to toggle between positive and negative numbers, change numbers or formulas, and paste in variable rates or values. Note: All images below have been created using software

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Truth Tip, Summary and Interpolate in Life Insurance Values

The Life Insurance Values tool (or simply Life Values) is one of the most valuable tools in the Truth Concepts suite. With it, you can upload your life insurance illustrations and use that data in other calculators such as Asset Flow, Diversification, Funding, and more.  You may not know that there are some interesting things you can do in the Life Values tool directly that may help you with your behind-the-scenes work. Using the Summary Button in Life Insurance Values Life Values allows you to input up to 6 permanent

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Truth Tip, “Lost or Found” Payments in Borrowing Strategy

Important Note  – The “Extra Payment Lost or Found” does not add to (or subtract from) any of the calculations. It is just a way to see the difference in net payment at a rate between whatever is in the “Market Loan Rate” input and either: the net earnings rate when “Acct-Cash” is selected  -or-the “Market Loan Rate” when any of the other 3 options are selected. If you have (-100%) in the “Market Loan Rate,” the numbers for the “Extra Payment Lost Or Found” will look skewed because based

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Truth Tip, Life Insurance Values

Importing illustrations into Life Insurance Values properly is essential to getting the most from the Truth Concepts software. The importing process will look different from carrier to carrier. Some insurance carriers will export illustrations into a PDF, some will export into an Excel spreadsheet. No matter how the insurance company operates, there’s a way to import your illustrations. Supported Companies for Importing Illustrations Currently, only certain file-types of illustrations are supported. It’s important to note which is which, so you can import illustrations with ease. Here are the carriers and

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Get the Most from Truth Concepts Tools

Are you getting the most out of your Truth Concepts tools? Let’s take a tour of the tools, and how to use them to optimize the effectiveness of your illustrations. Income Tax Chart The income tax chart can be useful for several reasons. The first and most obvious use of this tool is to know which tax bracket to use for your clients. The second use is to help discuss taxes with your clients. For many, taxes are more abstract than they should be–after all, taxes aren’t in school curriculums.

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Truth Tip, Loan Analysis (Remaining Loan Schedule)

How do you calculate the remaining number of months on a loan? This Loan Analysis “hack” makes it simple to determine, all you need is the remaining loan balance, the rate, and the monthly payment. For example, let’s say your client had a remaining loan balance of $50,000 and they’re paying 5% interest on that loan. Their payment is $1000, and neither of you know the exact time frame remaining on that loan. In Loan Analysis, once you fill in the loan balance and the interest rate, right click on

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