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5 Funny Financial Literacy Videos

If you’ve attended a Truth Training, you know we like to share some videos along the way. Rather than strictly educational, we aim for some comedic relief with an honest punchline. It helps to break up the long days while still being valuable. We’ve compiled our favorite funny financial literacy videos here. That way you can share with family, friends, clients, or anyone else you can think of. In particular, we think these videos can be useful to share with clients to break the ice on tough-to-discuss topics, like college

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How to Make a Desktop Shortcut for Truth Concepts Academy

Truth Concepts Academy is an invaluable resource included in all TC 360 memberships. With TCA, you can access tutorials, training videos, and all previous monthly training calls with Todd. It’s a perfect way to brush up on your favorite calculators and keep your skills sharp. And we want to help you navigate to it with as much ease as possible by showing you how to make a desktop shortcut! Following this tutorial will help you to either create an icon for TCA on your computer’s Desktop, or add it to

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The Huebner Foundation: Foundational Life Insurance Education

“There is nothing more uncertain than life, and nothing more certain than life insurance.” Solomon Huebner It’s easy to get caught up in the more exciting parts of life insurance, like the infinite banking concept. After all, it’s exciting to think about leverage and cash flow and building your own “bank.” Yet it’s important that we don’t neglect the foundation of life insurance, which is protection and certainty. Whole life insurance is foremost, insurance. And it is the only type of insurance that is guaranteed to pay out—which is one

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Truth Tip, “Lost or Found” Payments in Borrowing Strategy

Important Note  – The “Extra Payment Lost or Found” does not add to (or subtract from) any of the calculations. It is just a way to see the difference in net payment at a rate between whatever is in the “Market Loan Rate” input and either: the net earnings rate when “Acct-Cash” is selected  -or-the “Market Loan Rate” when any of the other 3 options are selected. If you have (-100%) in the “Market Loan Rate,” the numbers for the “Extra Payment Lost Or Found” will look skewed because based

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Truth Quotes, Part 4

As we wrap up the first Truth Training of 2021, and the last one in the current Paradigm Life building (they’re moving locations), it feels fitting to add another round of quotes. We’re fortunate to work with some of the brightest minds in the business, and we love sharing nuggets for those minds who could not attend. Or those who could and want to review! Unless otherwise noted, quotes are from Todd. Quotes on Truth “We all want to be right. If you’re really seeking Truth, you have to be willing

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How to Prepare for Truth Training in Salt Lake City

Whether you’ve been to a dozen Truth Trainings, or you’re gearing up for your first, it’s tricky to know just what you’ll need to be prepared. As with any business trip, you can forget some of the small things. Sometimes, there may be “hacks” you had never even considered. Today, we’re giving you an insider’s look at how to best prepare for a Truth Training. With these tips and tricks, you’ll leave nothing up to chance. Tips to Prepare for Truth Training in Salt Lake City 1. Choose Your Hotel

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